Sunday, February 8, 2015

Easy Money (Getting Lost and Standing In Your Shadow Singles)

Easy Money were a Victoria, B.C. four piece, that existed from around 1978 till 1984. Here's both of their excellent singles; on Richards Records, which I think was a local area record store. It's a shame they didn't release anything else. As catchy as both of these singles are, I'm sure they would have released a top notch full length. I'm really left wanting more.

Richard's Records 1980

1. Getting Lost
2. High Fashion

♫♫♫...It's Hopeless...♫♫♫

Line Up -

Rob Lifton - Guitar, Vocals
Karl Hourigan - Vocals, Guitar
Linda Humphries - Bass, Vocals
Dave Hill - Drums

Richard's Records 1980

1. Standing In Your Shadow
2. No Stranger To Danger

♫♫♫...My Hearts Breakin'...♫♫♫


Matt Griffin said...

Thanks, Frank!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Matt. Thanks for the comment!

Theabs06 said...

These 45s are really good, you're right, an LP would've been great!

Frank Miller said...

Yeah, it's a shame. Thanks for the comment !

Woody Dream said...

This single is a little master piece. Thankx a lot.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Woody, glad you like it !

Karl Hourigan said...

Thought you all might like to know that after all these years, an Easy Money album is in the works, on vinyl, featuring the two singles and a bunch of previously unreleased original songs. We're working on compiling the tracks now from songs recorded in 1979-80.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Karl, that's great news. I look forward to hearing it. Please let me know when it's available so I can buy one. Thanks for commenting!

Unknown said...

The Easy Money album is in the mastering process, next up art work. Stay tuned...

Frank Miller said...

Thank you for the update; look forward to hearing it !