Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Donuts (All The Innocent Girls)

   I wasn't able to uncover much about The Donuts. What little I was able to find came from a memorial tribute, posted on YouTube.
   Here's a couple of things I found interesting....
The back of the sleeve lists three Guitar players and the song order on the sleeve is reversed. The dead wax lists "All The Innocent Girls" as the A side. That's my favorite of the two anyway; so that's the order I went with. I apologize for the small amount of noise at the beginning of both tracks. Sometimes, records look better than they play.
   The Donuts transplanted to Los Angeles, from the Bay Area in the late 70's. Soon after, Chris Hauptmann was recruited to round out the line up. This was, (as far as I know) the bands only record; and it appears to have been self released. As I mentioned above; Sadly, Paul Skelton passed away in 2009, RIP.

Line Up -

Chris Hauptmann - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Skelton - Guitar, Vocals
John Nolan - Bass
Eric Jerde - Drums

No Label 1980

1. All The Innocent Girls
2. She May Be Your Girl

♫♫♫...I Had A Problem...♫♫♫


Casey said...


........enjoy, you young punx........

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reuploaded Chameleons EP. I love the song IN Shreds.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment!

Woody said...

Thank you very much for all.

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Jody said...

Always loved The Donuts! Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

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exooregon said...

I have a scratchy copy of the single, and on a whim today, I keyed in the info and Google led me to your site. Since I have been checking in here on and off for years, I was very surprised that I missed this when it was posted...so glad the link still works. Thank you!!!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome. Thanks for the comment!