Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Proles / The Condemned (Rock Against Racism Split Single)

Here's a split single from a couple of UK bands on the Rock Against Racism Label. The Proles were a four piece from FenceHouses, Houghton Le Spring. They released another single on Small Wonder Records, that you can find Here . More recently, they released a couple of best of's on Overground Records and Grand Theft Audio Records. The Condemned were from the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area. I read on You Tube, they were 15 years old. I wasn't able to find anything else about them.

Line Ups -

The Proles

John Black - Vocals, Bass
Peter Short - Guitar
Kevin Willis - Guitar
Kevin Wilson - Drums

The Condemned

Dave Demise - Vocals, Guitar
Vic Saville - Guitar
Tess Sewell - Bass
Mark Saville - Drums

Rock Against Racism 1979

♫♫♫...There's A Voice In My Head...♫♫♫


Daz said...

Great post Frank!! A true punk classic. The Condemned were from the same neck of the woods as me... Newcastle in the north east of England. I was born and bred there and saw them play at least once in the late 70's. This record means the world to me for many reasons. Thanks for posting it, you've really made my day.

Please post these if you have them...

Breakout - Wall of Solitude 7" (Guardian, 1981)
Discharge/The Filth - Split 7" EP (Go Round Records, 1980)
Disorder - Reality Crisis 7" (Durham Book Centre, 1980)
Last Rough Cause - The Violent Few 7" EP (LRC Records, 1985)
No Cover - 200 Voices 7" (Guardian, 1982)
The Wall - New Way 7" EP (Small Wonder, 1979)

All bands/records from the north east of England.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Daz,

The only one of these I think I have would be The Wall. I'm sure if you kick around Youtube, some of these are posted there. I'm glad you liked the post; thanks for the comment!

Punk Archivist said...

Hi Frank. The Condemned were from The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area but there's no such place as 'Brill'. Someone just said they were a 'brill band - short for brilliant!

Frank Miller said...

Being that I'm not from the UK, I sometimes get confused by all the little villages; so I wasn't sure. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I was married in NUT to Tes(s). Have an original vinyl copy in my basement. We're still friends and I know he's still in touch with some of the band. Good memories. Loved Newcastle!!!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Sam.

Unknown said...

The condemned were from Longbenton High School, Newcastle they were in the year above me. Dave Demise was Dave Elliott btw. no relation Elliott is a common name in Newcastle..

Mark Elliott

Frank Miller said...

Thank you for the info Mark!

Anonymous said...

Mark the drummer always called himself Phag, don't know why. I used to go to gigs at the canteen with him and Tes back in the day