Monday, June 22, 2015

The F Models (God Fearing Man)

The F Models were a four piece from Akron, Ohio; that were around in the early Eighties. Besides this record, they release one earlier single titled "Nobody Loves Me bw Russia Rocks" and had a track on the t.m.i. 015 compilation. The comp track is a primitive version of "It's Not Right", which I included with the download. Although the single version has better production; I'm not in love with the echo on the vocals. I think I prefer the comp version, it's raw and in your face. Sadly, Ig Nition passed away; here's a memorial page you can check out.

Line Up -

Ig Nition - Vocal, Guitars
Bill Terrell - Guitars
Fender - Bass Guitar
Steve McKee - Drums

t.m.i. Products 1982

1. God Fearing Man
2. It's Not Right
3. It's Not Right (t.m.i. 015 compilation version)

♫♫♫...No one Likes My Haircut...♫♫♫


bat29 said...

I love the F Models! Saw them once in 1982 and they were great. Shame they never released more than the two singles. A few years ago I posted some live recordings and rehearsals by them on my blog. The links are long dead now, though. Someone should collect them into a nice CD/LP release. http://noiseaddiction.blogspot.com/2010/09/f-models-practice-for-lp-1983-bonus.html

bat29 said...


bat29 said...


Frank Miller said...

That sounds like a cool idea, thanks for the comment!