Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Drop (He doesn't know he's a trendy Ep)

Drop was a four piece from Middlesbrough England that formed in 1978. I'm guessing this was they're only record and it appears to have been self released. They reformed a couple of years back and started performing and writing new material. I FOUNDCOUPLE of PAGES you can check out. The first one has some recent live footage.

Line Up -

Chris Oberon - Vocals, Bass
Andrew Kiss - Drums
Neil Jones - Keyboards
Stuart Rickard - Guitars

Dropped Records 1980

♫♫♫... Complete With Artificial Tan...♫♫♫


bristolboy said...

The Second link is the better one. Nice to be able to get hold of the 79 Cassette. Cheers Frank, I would have missed that!!

Mark L. said...

I thought it was interesting that the youtube bit says they never released a record (have/luv it!), but I didn't know about the cassette..

Frank Miller said...

No problem Bruce, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comment.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. I guess you can't believe everything you read. I've been wrong more than a few times myself. It can be tough sometimes trying to piece together a bio on many of these bands when so little info exists.