Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pictures (Kicks & Tips)

 Pictures were a Swedish three piece that released three singles in the early Eighties. This was the second of three and my personal favorite. Before Pictures, Lasse Hansson and Patrik Sventelius were in Hangover who released a couple of singles around 78-79 and were responsible for the classic buzzsaw, "Sick Society"..

Line Up -

Lasse Hansson - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Patrik Sventelius - Bass and Vocals
Calle Thorne - Drums

Vanity Fair Records 1981

1. Kicks & Tips
2. Rebel 81

♫♫♫...Your No Fool...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...


the questions - belief lp, on paul wellers own 80s label, respond records

Big Sound Authority - An Inward Revolution lp

Frank Miller said...

Sorry, I don't own either one of those records.