Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Phil Neal (Standard Question)

Phil Neal is a Kansas City, Missouri Performer/Songwriter. His resume dates back to the late 70's as front man for bands such as: The Artists, The Phil Neal Band, The Power Ties, The Rockhills and more recently, Phil Neal and the Wornalls. Seems at one time, he was on the verge of commercial success, having opened for the likes of Kenny Loggins and having videos aired on MTV. His current band, The Wornalls released two full lengths. If your curious, you can check them out Here.
Cross Fire Line Up -
Phil Neal - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Doug Gunn - Drums
Guido - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Richard Streeter - Bass Vocals
Standard Question Line Up -
Phil Neal - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Henry Earley - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Doug Gunn - Drums
Richard Streeter - Bass, Vocals
Raoul Stitt Percussion, Vocals
Brian Holman - Synth
Clafin on cover, Claflin on record label ? Music 1980
1. Standard Question
2. Crossfire


Anonymous said...

request: Locked by Mad Oppy released on Global Communications Records in 1984

Frank Miller said...

Sorry, I don't think I have that one.