Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Works (You're Just A) Button On A Shirt Single

Here's a nice slab of Guitar driven, hooky Powerpop, from 1979 for ya, (well, the a side anyway). I want to give a big thanks to Bruce from the always amazing, My Life's A Jigsaw Blog; for information on these guys. Bruce's knowledge and collection, never cease to amaze me. Describing themselves as "Sydney's full-on raging, foot-tapping, Rock 'n' Roll outfit"; The Works were a Australian four piece around in the late 70's that eventually became, Brave New Works. Far as I know, this was their only release as The Works.

Piranha Brothers Records 1979

1.(You're Just A) Button On A Shirt
2. Don't Blame Me

♫♫♫...Promised Me A Coconut...♫♫♫


Mark L. said...

According to Ian Mcfarlane's Aussie Record Guide 76-80 they were a Sydney based pub-rock band and this was likely their only released recordings. Cheers, Mark

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Mark, much appreciated !

Mark L. said...

No worries, always glad to help out if/when I can, its the least I can do for someone that's helped me get to hear so many great rarities! I'd been meaning to get in touch again(its been a year+ since we chatted much - Rousers)since I was hoping to submit some possible requests.. Would you Re-Up the Spasms 7" (a few other Ellie Jay releases I might check with you about otherwise). Also, there's really not much info out there and maybe its just not popular among collectors or still relatively unheard, but I was gonna offer a rar of the 1980 St. Louis outfit The Strikers "No Reason" EP (Simplex) if you'd like it?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Mark, I'll re-post the Spasms for you; give me a couple of days. I don't own The Strikers record. Are they the same band that was on the Test Patterns comp? Thanks for the comment, I'll be in touch.