Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Aristocrats ( My Date Single)

Here's a cool slab of Keyboard driven Powerpop for ya. Catchy tunes, great harmonies and snappy drum work, make this platter a must. Not much about the band except they were
from Harrisburg, Pa. Definitely looks like a self released effort. Band members listed are: Jay Spiegel, Ray Burkett and Joe Trojcak.

Aristo-Music 1981

1. My Date
2. I Want To Be A Landlord

♫♫♫...You're own little castles...♫♫♫


pillihp zelaznog said...

Nice!! Great posts!!!

WDM said...

sounds as a 60s beat band, great guitars and flotte rhythms.
Like a the A-Side more because the flip is too extreme wild & furious, but even not bad at all. Interesting record!

koi seo said...

nice post.


Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comments guys, glad you liked the record.