Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Butch McCarthy Band ( Special To You Single)

   The Butch McCarthy Band were a 4 piece from New Bedford Massachusetts. They formed in the late 70's and continued till the mid 80's. This single and a comp track were their only releases. A rare picture sleeve exists but unfortunately, mine isn't one of them.

Line Up

Butch McCarthy - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Chris Richards - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Fauteux - Bass, Vocals
John Borges - Drums

Part 1 of 2 Recordings 1982

1. Special To You
2. Brat


bristolboy said...

I've read that according to the band there were 300 pressed & no picure sleeve issued although as you've pointed out there are images on discogs


Also this was their only release. The other mentioned recordings were "radio tapes".

Their only other released track was "It's Only Love" on the Rhode Island VA 45 "WBRU 95.5 The Rock Hunt Record"


Frank Miller said...

Thanks Bruce, I was confused. I found an article that seems to be interviewing the band, where they mention the other two releases as singles. I couldn't find any evidence of either one ever selling but that doesn't prove anything, so I went with it. Same with the pic sleeve. I read a small amount had the sleeve but once again, no evidence?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce, This record has a sleeve Actually my copy has a sleeve, You can see that on my page of Facebook.

bristolboy said...

Thanks anon, Good to know (proves you can't always beleive what you read)

Frank Miller said...

Believing what I read is what started this conversation to begin with.... I reached out to my friend Jason Litchfield. He's an authority on bands from this area. He confirmed that there's indeed a rare picture sleeve and the three singles mentioned in the article I read were most likely demo tapes. Thank you all for the info and your comments!