Sunday, March 31, 2013

Transmission (Talking To You Single)

Transmission was a four piece from Stockholm Sweden. They started playing together around 1977 calling themselves Harlequin. At some point, I'm guessing 1978 they changed their name to Transmission and released this, I believe their only single. Not too long after this records release they called it quits. Singer Sebastian HÃ¥kansson joined Alien Beat. I couldn't find much info on Transmission so I had to guess a bit; if I got any of this wrong, please feel free to correct me or validate me. Here's a few pages I did find; they didn't tell a whole lot though.
Line Up -
Sebastian Hakansson - Vocals
Anders Carsbring - Guitar
Anders Holm - Samuelsson - Bass, Vocals
Goran Klintberg - Drums, Vocals
Mercury Records 1979
1. Talking To You
2. Pushed Around


Anonymous said...

How cool is this! Love the hand claps!

Frank said...

Yeah, I've always been a sucker for hand claps myself. I've been playing my guitar again and writing some songs with a friend of mine and a couple of other guys lately. We've been kicking around starting a band. I'm not sure if right now and at my age.... how it will work out or even, if I can totally commit to it, but for the time being anyway it's fun to jam again... Anyway, we were thinking of incorporating hand claps into a song..lol!
Thanks for the comment.