Friday, March 15, 2019

New Math (Die Trying Single)

re-post by request, new link, rip and pics. originally posted 10-09-08.  
   New Math were a 5 piece from Rochester NY that formed in 1976. After recording this single, the band didn't have enough money to press it. Reliable records loved it and put it out for them. The resulting press and radio airplay gained them attention from major labels; which led to the band signing with CBS.

Line Up

Kevin Patrick - Vocals
Gary Trainer - Lead Guitar
Dale S. - Guitar
Robert Slide - Bass
Paul Dodd - Drums

Reliable Records 1979

1. Die Trying
2. Angela

♫♫♫ If it takes me my whole life ♫♫♫


Reinhard said...

Hi Frank, many thanks for the re-up!
...and some newly compiled old tunes from my home country: https://wdthtc.blogspot.com/2019/02/va-bloodstains-across-austria-2019.html

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome Reinhard. Thank You for the comment and the link.