Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Buzzards (Three On One Ep)

The Buzzards were a three piece from Iowa City that formed in 1979 and were around til 1983. As far as I know this was their only record. If you would like to read more about the band, I found this article on the Iowa Rock-N-Roll Music Association Site.
The Band -
Steve Gingerich - Bass, Vocals
Marv Hain - Drums, Vocals
Nick Stika - Guitar, Vocals
Rock'n Rok Records 1982
1. She's The One
2. I'm Innocent
3. Missing Person

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Clerks (Dancing With My Girl Ep)

Here's a charming Ep from a somewhat mysterious Birmingham four piece, The Clerks. From what I gather the band formed in the late 70's; released two classic tracks, ("When The Lights Go Out" and "No Good For Me") on the legendary Rok Records comp "Odd Bods Mods & Sods" the latter was also released as a split single with Hazard both around 1979. This Ep however doesn't appear to have been released until 1984. Although there's no release date on the record; everything I've been able to find points in that direction anyway. I'm not sure why there was such a long lay off between releases or what happened to The Clerks afterwards but one things for sure, these guys had a knack with a hook. 
The Band-
Paul Day - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Chops James - Drums
Mart Booth - Guitars, Vocals
Martin Poole - Bass, Vocals
Puddiscs Records 1984?
1. Dancing With My Girl
2. On The Telephone
3. All I Want Is You

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Blazers (Top Of My World Single)

The Blazers were a four piece from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I guess, I would call this a promotional single; it pairs the two best tunes from their Lp titled, "How To Rock". I don't think this came with a picture sleeve. Band member Rick Miller, (Guitar) changed his name to Parthenon Huxley and went on to have a fairly successful solo career. The rest of the band consisted of: Sherman Tate (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ronnie Taylor (drums) and Lee Gildersleeve (bass).
Moonlight Records 1980
1.Top Of My World
2. Don't Worry About It

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Crackers (What Did I Do? Single)

The Crackers were a five piece from Albuquerque New Mexico that formed in the early eighties. Other than this, they had an earlier single titled "Be Smart b/w I'm Tired Of You, an Lp titled "Guaranteed" which was a Billboard pick hit,and an Ep titled "Contraband". I found this video they made for What Did I Do you can check out and that's about all I could find.
The Band-
Brad Aubry - Lead Vocals
Drew DiGregory - Bass
Vince Malkoski - Lead Guitar
Don Patrick - Rhythm Guitar
Jim Steger - Drums
Edison Records 1984
1. What Did I Do?
2. Tell Me All The Time

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Squad (Millionaire Single + Bonus)

Squad were a four piece from Coventry England that formed around the end of 1977. The original line up had Terry Hall on vocals who later went on to the Specials. Terry was replaced by Gus Chambers, as well as many other line up changes. I read that six months after this record was released; none of the original band remained. In all before calling it quits Squad released two singles; Red Alert / £8 A Week, which you can listen to Here and Here, this single, and a cut on the Sent From The Coventry Comp which I included with the download. After Squad Gus Chambers went on to bands such as: 21 Guns, Sons of Damnation and Grip Inc, formed by Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame, and Squad 21 who released an Lp titled "Skullduggery", that had reworks of 21 Guns, The Flasher and Millionaire. Sadly in 2008, Gus Chambers died from an accidental mixture of his medication and alcohol. If you want to read more about the band, you can check Here, Here, and Here.

The Band-

Gus Chambers - Lead Vocals
Danny Cunningham - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Edwards - Bass, Vocals
Rob Hill - Drums

SQS 1979

1. Millionaire
2. Brockhill Boys
3. Flasher

♫♫♫...Take A Look At This...♫♫♫

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boys Life (I Found Her Single)

Boys Life were a Boston four piece that were around in the early Eighties. I read the average age of the band was 16 when they started. In all they release A split single with the Outlets, some comp tracks, An Ep, and this single (that's all I know of anyway). That's all I got, please feel free to add.
The Band-
John Surette - Lead Vocals Organ, Guitar
Joe McCormack - Bass
Neal Sugarman - Saxophone
Robert Weiner - Drums, Vocals
Seco Records 1981

♫♫♫...I Finally Found Her...♫♫♫

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wire (First Four Singles)

(per request, new rips, and a couple of new scans.)
I wanted to post something from Wire. I couldn't decide which of these I wanted, so I decided to give you their first four singles, which are (in my opinion) their best records.  Wire formed in London around 1976.They've been around in one form, or another to present day. During that span they released at least 11 full lengths, as well as 20 singles. I read in 2011 they plan to release the band's twelfth studio album,titled Red Barked Tree.

                                                                                                             Here's a few sites, where you can find information, news, etc; Pink Flag.com (official site), and Wikipedia.
The Band-
Colin Newman - Vocals, Guitar
Graham Lewis - Bass, Vocals
Bruce Gilbert - Guitar
Robert Gotobed - Drums
Harvest EMI Records 1977,77,78,79

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rooks (Encore Echoes)

Per request, New Rip's -n- Scans)
"Encore Of Echoes" is a compilation that contains the bulk of The Rooks output. For my taste, the cuts from the first lp are the standouts. A couple song's have melodies and harmonies that are so hauntingly sweet, they literally give me chills.
The Rooks were a four piece from NYC that  formed in 1990 out of the ashes of one of Hartford, Connecticut's premier Powerpop outfits, "The Broken Hearts". As far as I know, The Rooks have a couple of full length's, a couple of Ep's, this disc, and an outtakes disk to their credit. Singer  Michael Mazzarella, has a number of solo releases as well. The band had numerous line ups, and I believe they split up around 2005. If you want to check them out further; here's their Myspace.
The Band-
Michael Mazzarella - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kristin Pinell - Lead guitar, Vocals
Annmarie Gatti - Bass, Vocals
Nancy Leigh - Bass
Kurt Reil - Drums

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Manual Scan (Manual Scan 1 LP)

I'm giving a new file sharing service a try; I would appreciate feedback on what you think of it. If it works out I'm hoping it can be a permanent solution to my Mediafire problem.                                                   (Per Request, New Rip)                                                           Manual Scan were from San Diego Ca. Founders Bart Mendoza, And Kevin Ring, were the mainstays of an ever changing lineup, that formed around 1980, and lasted till the early 90's. The band took it's name from a feature found on a Radio Shack police scanner. I believe this was their lone full length. It was released in the UK on the Hi-Lo Records label. There's a number of great tracks on here, that showcase how great Manual Scan really were. If your interested in learning more about the band, check out this excellent Interview of Bart Mendoza, at Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Here's a few other sites worth a visit: The San Diego Reader, and their Myspace. Since 2010, Mendoza and Ring have been with The Shambles.
The Band-
Bart Mendoza - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Ring - Lead Guitar
Ron Friedman - Bass
Paul Brewin and David Anderson - Drums
Hi-Lo Records 1986