Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Theatre - Wild Boar Records EP

    Theatre were a Chicago four piece, around from 1978 to 1982. Besides this EP, they released a full length titled, " Diamonds" in 1981. Not sure if this is true but I stumbled on a ebay listing that claimed...Some tracks were recorded in upstate NY, while on their way back from a tour. The producer took these four and pressed 100 copies, of which 25 were circulated without the bands knowledge. At any rate, someone believed story, they paid $588.00.. One things certain, " Any time at all" is a great slice of Powerpop!

Line Up -

Donni Bennett - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Staszak - Guitar
Tommy Biondo - Bass, Vocals
Ricky Wilcox - Drums

Wild Boar Records - 1980

1. Just Can't Wait
2. Do It Again
3. Rock and Roll Queen
4. Any Time At All

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Herod's Race - Something's Not Right Single

   Been hooked on this tune lately, great stuff; been wanting to post it! While researching the band, I realized both of the always excellent blogs: My Life's a Jigsaw and Short Sharp Kick In The Teeth; had already beat me to it many years ago. Their links are since down, so I suppose there's room for me. Make sure to check them out though!
   Herod's Race was a five piece from Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. This was the bands lone record, it's without picture sleeve and looks to have been self released.

Line Up

Lee Gillett
Mick Gillett
William Bonney
Alan Bailey
Andy Clark

Race Records 1980

1. Something's Not Right
2. Wind Me Up!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Scott Wittenburg - Apple, The Retros, The Tickets

   Every now and then, while researching a seemingly unknown record; I’m fortunate to stumble onto  some truly interesting individuals. Scott Wittenburg, without question falls into that category. Besides the musical body of work featured below; Scott teaches Photography and is an accomplished Author, with a dozen published novels to his credit.

   Apple was a three-piece from Portsmouth Ohio that formed in 1976. The band originated as a Beatles cover band, heavily influenced by the British Invasion. Upon moving, original guitarist Alan Huff was replaced by Jack Vetter in 1978. One single, “Holes in the Ceiling b/w Going Back” was released in 1979. 500 copies were pressed, they were sold at shows. Apple disbanded in 1979.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
Jack Vetter – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Porter - Drums

   Scott’s next venture was a three piece, also from Portsmouth called The Retros. The band formed in 1980 and lasted for 9 months. During that span, they wrote and recorded 33 original songs. I’ve included a few for your listening pleasure. If you want to hear the rest, there’s a disk titled The Retros Retrospective, you can purchase. I'll leave the links below.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
Mike Bry1an – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Porter – Drums

   After The Retro’s called it quits, Scott moved to NYC and started yet another three piece called The Tickets. The band lasted for three years and released one single in 1982, “People Next Door b/w Turn Me Away”. Of the couple of hundred pressed, 25 came with handmade sleeves. There’s a Tickets anthology titled, “ Local Heroes”. Links for purchase will be left below.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
George Fonteboa – Guitar, Vocals
Mario Trombetta - Drums

   There’s a solo effort as well titled, “ Uno Mono Solo”. A collection of songs written over a 15-year span. Scott played all instruments and sung all vocals.
   You can purchase the Retros, Tickets and Solo disks, The Apple and Tickets singles as well as Scott’s novels and Photography books from his Etsy Store, BooksByWitt. Scott's selling original Apple and Ticket's singles; at a fraction of what they're selling for on Ebay and Discogs, shipping included. There's a small amount of the ultra rare Tickets picture sleeves for sale as well. 

Other Links –

Scott Wittenburg.com
Uno Mono Solo on You Tube
Scott Wittenburg Tik Tok

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Romford Stompers - Mary & Ken - Split Single

   The Romford Stompers were a four piece from Glenton Close, Romford, London. I lifted most of this info from the record sleeve itself. They originally wanted to call the band, The Yorkshire Rippers but ultimately decided against it. There were 1000 pressed, with only a small number having sleeves. The record seemed to have been met with some public outrage; over the band making money off the misery of the victims and their families. I couldn't find anything on the flip, Mary & Ken. Three of the members, ( Harding, Dale and Hanson) ended up in a Electronic, Synth band called Famous Rays. They put out a full length in 1990, titled "Ending Beginning.

Line Up

Phil Harding - Bass, Vocals
Dave Dale - Guitar, Vocals
Mick Hanson - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Brown - Drums

Rott, ( Right Over The Top) Records 1981

1. The Romford Stompers - Dead Girls
2. Mary & Ken - Happy

Monday, May 30, 2022

Myron Skau - Too Many Movies Single

a re-post, by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted 8-29-2010, Enjoy!
   Myron Skau were a three piece, from (I'm going to assume) the New England area. Unfortunately, as is the case with allot of bands, little or no info is to be found. Both songs are good, but my favorite of the two is definitely the flip side.

Line Up 

Gilbert Prescott - Skins
Johne Maul - Simulated Ivory Tickler
Kevin Donovan - Vocals, and Strings

Destiny Records 1985

1. Too Many Movies
2. Ritzi Anna

The Cads - Do the Crabwalk EP

a re-post, by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted 5-16-2009, Enjoy!
   Guessing this is the only release from this Toronto five piece. I like this record, it's lo-fi production adds to it's charm. These guys have a great sense of humor. Reminds me of releases from midwest bands such as the Gizmo's or the Bizarros. Four members of the Cads are or were in a band called the Lost Anglers.

Line Up

John Korvette - Bass
Chris Terry - Drums
Bag Asteroid - Vocals
John Ford - Guitar
Glen Binmore - Guitar

Bi-R Records 1978

1. Do the Crabwalk
2. You Weren't Born Yesterday
3. Over My Dead Body
4. Sex Was the Only Way Out

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Rattlers - Singles Plus Bonus

a re-post, by request, new rips, same  scans. Originally posted 1-17-2011, Enjoy!

   I'm sure most of you are familiar with The Rattlers. The On The Beach Single is a classic, and Definitely a favorite of mine. I never got to see the Rattlers live, but I've been told in their early days as a three piece they did these songs much harder, and faster than the recorded versions. They played a show with 999 around 1980, at a place called The Castle Inn, which was a club in my home town of Phillipsburg NJ. The club has since been renovated, and now serves as The Unemployment office. Anyway, I'm sure you all know the leader of the Rattlers was Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramones younger brother. I think it must have been difficult, being in the shadow of The Ramones, but The Rattlers managed to carve out a nice niche for themselves, and were a great band in their own right. The Rattlers formed in NYC, around 1979. Before parting ways in 1988, they left us with Two Singles, and an LP titled Rattled. I included both of their singles in this post as well as I won't be your victim, from the LP. In my opinion, their best songs. 

Ratso Records 1979

1. On The Beach
2. Livin' Alone

Faulty Products 1982

3. What Keeps Your Heart Beatin'?
4. Let's Move

PVC/Gem Records 1985

5. I won't be your victim

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Boulevard - Extended Pop EP

    Boulevard were a Chicago four piece that left us with two, self released efforts; this being the second. Although I've never heard it, I read the 1st record has more of a 60's flare.
   Sometime in the mid 2000's; the band surfaced again as a three piece, minus Scott Murray, under The Boolevards. They released a couple of full lengths; with a 60's pop edge.
   One of the more enjoyable aspects of doing this blog is learning things I didn't know about bands. The full lengths titled, " Real Pop & More Real Pop" sound really good. I'm definitely planning on grabbing them up. If you're interested in checking them out, here's a couple links.


The Boolevards

Line Up -

Hugh Murphy - Guitar
Scott Murray - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Nowik - Drums, Vocals
John Nowik - Bass, Vocals

Ranger Records - 1980

1. I Got a Feelin'
2. Radio Romance
3. Yeah, She's the One
4. Moron City
5. Coming On Strong

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Toes - Heads

   Not much info on this one. Best I can surmise; The Toes were a Hartford, Connecticut, three piece. I found a comp called, " Homespun WHCN - 106 FM"; that features Heads. The band's pictured on the back as a three piece. I'm guessing this was they're only record and it appears self released. Gil Francis Yaskovic gets writing credits for both tunes.
   Under normal light, the record appears black but if you hold it up to the light; it's a dark, translucent, purple. 
   If anyone has anything to add or correct, please let me know. 

No-Zone Recordings 1979

1. Heads
2. Anyway

Friday, February 25, 2022

Boy Elroy and the Jetsons - Don't Know Why

   Boy Elroy and the Jetsons were a Gainesville, Florida four piece; around in the early 80's. This was their lone, self released, single. They also had a track titled, " Silver Sweater" on the Sinkhole Tapes Compilation
   Mike posted this on the great Cheap Rewards Blog, 10 years ago already, jeez....

Line Up

Mark Mann - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Gold - Guitar
Rick Shafer - Bass
Chas Mann - Drums

Thursday, February 17, 2022


 The Heartbeats - Changing

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Roxies - Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To

 Had this one a few weeks now and I've been listening to and liking it quite a bit.
   The Roxies are a Berlin, Germany four piece. Not sure exactly when they started but they've been around since at least 2019. If you're a fan of 70's / early 80's Punk and Powerpop, with a British lean; this one's a must!

Line Up -

Matthew Conway - Vocals
Bruno Werner - Guitar
Imke Wagener - Bass, Vocals
Tim Müller-Heidelberg - Drums


Dirt Cult Records

Here's a tune from their new full length; just released last month on Dirt Cult Records.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Fort Worth Cats - Self Titled E.P.

    The Fort Worth Cats were a Fort Worth, TX four piece, formed in 1978. Besides this EP, I found a full length titled, " Earthquake at the O.K. Corral"; released in 1981. Wasn't able to find much else after that; other than this Facebook page. Sadly, there's an announcement on their page, that John Willett passed away in 2012, R.I.P.

Line Up -

John Siebman - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Neat - Vocals, Guitar
David Daniel - Bass, Vocals
John Willett - Drums

Self Released 1979

1. Get It Off Your Chest
2. Now That I'm A Talking Head
3. Go Blank
4. Fun In The Sun

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


 Sex Clark Five - I Want You Mine

Thursday, January 20, 2022

David Raven and the Escorts - S/T EP

    David Raven and the Escorts were a three piece from Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm guessing the band probably formed around 1979 or so. They released a single, a couple of EP's and a full length titled, " Stab in the Dark". Not sure if it's legit but all three guys are named David?

Line Up

David Raven - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
David Domino - Keys
David Pemberton - Drums

RadioActive Records 1980

1. Keep On Burning
2. One Way Love
3. Dance Dance Dance
4. Somethin' in Our Way

♫♫►►We'll Dance Till the End Of the World◄◄♫♫

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 The High Dials - Leaving Alphaville

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The First Things - Firsthingsfirst EP

 a re-post, by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted 11-24-2008, Enjoy!

   The First Things were a Champaign, Illinois four piece, around in the early 80's. This was the first of two offerings, ( that I'm aware of anyway). I'm guessing it's self released. A 12" EP titled, " A Nation of Employees", followed in 83 on Hysterical Records. Mel Eberle went on to form The Arms of Someone.

Line Up-

Mel Eberle - Bass, Vocals
Steve Foster - Drums
Pete Govert - Guitar
Mike Majdic - Guitar, Vocals

Skid Records 1982

1. Bodies In the Backyard
2. Pretty Mouth
3. You're Not In LA Anymore
4. Bad Chemicals

♫♫►►Your Golden Coast Is Just A Memory◄◄♫♫

Friday, January 7, 2022

The Tickets - Extended Play EP

    The Tickets were a Calgary, Alberta Canada five piece; that formed in 1979. Looks like this may have been their only release? I found a video of them playing live; you can check it out Here. Sorry but my copy's not in the best of shape..

Line Up

Doug Kuss - Lead Vocals
James Dunlop - Bass, Vocals
Rick Saretsky - Guitar
Ed Kazmir - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Box Office Records - 1980

1. Hey Geraldine
2. Cutting Out
3. It Don't Matter
4. Dry Ice