Sunday, July 17, 2022

Herod's Race - Something's Not Right Single

   Been hooked on this tune lately, great stuff; been wanting to post it! While researching the band, I realized both of the always excellent blogs: My Life's a Jigsaw and Short Sharp Kick In The Teeth; had already beat me to it many years ago. Their links are since down, so I suppose there's room for me. Make sure to check them out though!
   Herod's Race was a five piece from Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. This was the bands lone record, it's without picture sleeve and looks to have been self released.

Line Up

Lee Gillett
Mick Gillett
William Bonney
Alan Bailey
Andy Clark

Race Records 1980

1. Something's Not Right
2. Wind Me Up!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Scott Wittenburg - Apple, The Retros, The Tickets

   Every now and then, while researching a seemingly unknown record; I’m fortunate to stumble onto  some truly interesting individuals. Scott Wittenburg, without question falls into that category. Besides the musical body of work featured below; Scott teaches Photography and is an accomplished Author, with a dozen published novels to his credit.

   Apple was a three-piece from Portsmouth Ohio that formed in 1976. The band originated as a Beatles cover band, heavily influenced by the British Invasion. Upon moving, original guitarist Alan Huff was replaced by Jack Vetter in 1978. One single, “Holes in the Ceiling b/w Going Back” was released in 1979. 500 copies were pressed, they were sold at shows. Apple disbanded in 1979.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
Jack Vetter – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Porter - Drums

   Scott’s next venture was a three piece, also from Portsmouth called The Retros. The band formed in 1980 and lasted for 9 months. During that span, they wrote and recorded 33 original songs. I’ve included a few for your listening pleasure. If you want to hear the rest, there’s a disk titled The Retros Retrospective, you can purchase. I'll leave the links below.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
Mike Bry1an – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Porter – Drums

   After The Retro’s called it quits, Scott moved to NYC and started yet another three piece called The Tickets. The band lasted for three years and released one single in 1982, “People Next Door b/w Turn Me Away”. Of the couple of hundred pressed, 25 came with handmade sleeves. There’s a Tickets anthology titled, “ Local Heroes”. Links for purchase will be left below.

Line Up –

Scott Wittenburg – Bass, Vocals
George Fonteboa – Guitar, Vocals
Mario Trombetta - Drums

   There’s a solo effort as well titled, “ Uno Mono Solo”. A collection of songs written over a 15-year span. Scott played all instruments and sung all vocals.
   You can purchase the Retros, Tickets and Solo disks, The Apple and Tickets singles as well as Scott’s novels and Photography books from his Etsy Store, BooksByWitt. Scott's selling original Apple and Ticket's singles; at a fraction of what they're selling for on Ebay and Discogs, shipping included. There's a small amount of the ultra rare Tickets picture sleeves for sale as well. 

Other Links –

Uno Mono Solo on You Tube
Scott Wittenburg Tik Tok