Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Rattlecats - Run My Life Single

   The Rattlecats were a Austin, Texas four piece; that formed in the late 70's. This was their only record, it was self released. 500 copies were pressed. A mistake was made on the label. Run My Life was printed as Run My Live. The V was crossed out by hand and changed to an F. A stamped sleeve, with the band name and paw prints also exists. By 1983, the band called it quits. Cheap Rewards put out a cool unreleased song on, "Radio Ready, Vol 1" If you want to read more on these guys go check his blog out.

Line Up

Steve Lachowsky - Guitar
Glen Worley - Guitar
Allen Cox - Bass
Kevin Connolly - Drums

Scratched Records 1981

1. Run My Life
2. Back To Life

♫♫►►Angry Words Begin To Fly◄◄♫♫

G.Squad - In My Mind Single

    a re-post by request, originally posted 2-27-2009, new rips and pics, enjoy!

   Once again, a big thank to Paul Powell for the band info. G squad were a mostly Norfolk, based four piece; around from 1979 til 1982. This single and a few other songs were recorded over two sessions at Octopus Studios in Stowupland, Suffolk. Unfortunately, I've noticed a slight pressing issue with my copy. There's a bit of audible noise on side one but it's not terrible. 

Line Up

Steve Rogers - Guitar, Vocals
Dave (jif) Boucher - Drums
Paul Powell - Bass, Vocals
Dave Curson - FX

Squid Marks Time Records 1981

1. In My Mind
2.Roomfull Of Paper

Monday, December 21, 2020

The Kicks - Get Off The Telephone Single

 a re-post by request, originally posted 1-24-2009, new rips and pics, enjoy!

   The Kicks, originally known as the Incredible Kidda Band; were a Nuneaton, UK six piece. This was the bands third release. Two preceding singles: "Everybody Knows" and "Fighting My Way Back" were released under The Incredible Kidda Band and The Kidda Band respectively. A second single as The Kicks, "If Looks Could Kill" was released in 1981.
   The band changed their name one more time to We're Only Human; before disbanding in 1989.

Line Up

Alan Hammonds - Guitar, Vocals
Graham Hammonds - Percussion, Vocals
Dave Lister - Guitar, Vocals
Les Rollason - Bass
John Rollason - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Gardener - Drums

Carrere Records 1980

1. Get Off The Telephone
2. Big Boys Don't Cry

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Action - She's Got My Heart Single

   a re-post by request, originally posted 10-14-2010, new rips and scans, enjoy!.
   The Action were a three piece, from the Stow, Akron, Ohio area. They formed sometime around 1977, and self released three singles, this being their third . They're all worth owning, but this, and Radio Music, are definitely my favorites. By 1983 they decided to call it quits.

Line Up

Michael Purkhiser - Guitar, Vocals
Cliff Bryant - Drums
Brent Warren - Bass, Vocals

Radiogram Records 1982

1. She's Got My Heart
2. Till I See You Again

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Explosives - Restless Natives LP

   a re-post by request, originally posted 10-14-2010, new rips and pics, enjoy!.

   The Explosives were a Austin, Texas three piece that were around from the late 70's, till shortly after this was released. There were also three singles and a couple of tracks on the Live at Raul's album in addition to this record

Line up

Freddie "Steady" KRC - Drums, Vocals
Cam King - Guitar, Vocals
Waller Collie III - Bass, Vocals

Ready Go Records - 1982

Friday, December 4, 2020

Riff Doctors (I Don't Wan't To Go Back Single)

(re-post, new rips)
   Riff Doctors were a short lived four piece from possibly, the Hoboken NJ area. I found a track on one of the Teenline comps that suggests they were from Durham, NC,? Anyway, I'm pretty sure this was their only record; it was put out on Steve Fallon’s Coyote records label, who formerly owned Maxwell’s, a great club in Hoboken. After this, Donna Esposito, (formerly of The Cyclones) joined the band, and they changed their name to “Cowboy, and Spin Girl”. There's a cassette only release you can hear over at the great Wilfully Obscure Blog. As usual, information is limited; so if I have something wrong, or there’s something you would like to add, please feel free.

Line up:

Frank Bednash – Vocals, Guitars
Charles O’Hara – Guitar
Walter Sczesny – Bass, Vocals
Danny Lawrence – Drums

Coyote Records 1983

1. I Don’t Wan’t To Go
2. Falling

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