Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Guttersnipes - Addicted To Love Single

The Guttersnipes were a London four piece, formed by Shug O'Neill of Cock Sparrer and Andy Kline in 1987. Releasing 5 full lengths and a Mini LP; the band remained active until Shug O'Neill's unfortunate passing in 2016.

Line Up

Shug O Neill - Vocals, L/Guitar
Andy Kline - Bass
Andy Zelinger - R/Guitar, B/Vocals
John Graham - Drums

Razor Music 1988

1. Addicted To Love
2. Loves Young Dream

♫♫►►But Then We Smiled No More◄◄♫♫

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Brandy - Treating Me Bad Single

   Long time no post... Apologies for another long hiatus. I seriously considered shutting down this time. I just don't have the time anymore and storage costs me money every month. Guess we'll see how it goes... Hope all of you had a nice holiday and are having a happy new year! Here's another record that my Google search, yielded little information on. The names on the record are: Andy Da Silva and Brenda Theresa. I'm guessing Brandy comes from combining their first names? Musically, Treating me bad has a British Invasion influence and is definitely the star of the show. It 
appears they were Canadian but I'm not sure? Any of you know anything; please share the wealth!!
   I tried a couple new things. For one, I included Wave and MP3 formats in the download. I know it's a bigger file and a slower download but I think the quality is worth it. If it's too slow, I guess I can ditch the Wave files. Let me know if you think it's worth it? Secondly, I finally figured out how to post a picture with a transparent background, It's the little

East - West Records 1980

1. Treating Me Bad
2. Let Love (Into Your Home & Heart)

♫♫►►I Used To Think That Life Was Fair◄◄♫♫