Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Edsells ( Don't Wanna Go To School Single)

The Edsells were a five piece, that I believe were from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Three of the five band members are brothers. I found This Facebook Page and This Blog Article and that's where the trail went cold. Both songs are great Enjoy!

Line Up-

Chris Schoenefuhs - Guitar and Vocals
Shaun Murphy - Bass and Vocals
Al ?? - Drums and Vocals
Gene Murphy - Guitar and Vocals
Darren Murphy - Lead Vocals

D.S.M. Records 1981

1. Don't Wanna Go To School
2. She Escaped

♫♫♫...Just Wanna Play My Guitar...♫♫♫

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Krayolas (All I Do Is Try Single)

The Krayolas, were a four piece from San Antonio, TX that formed around 1975. They released a number of singles, (this being the first) and two full lengths before splitting in 1988. In 2007 a compilation of singles and rare tracks called "Best Riffs Only" was released and the Krayolas reformed in support of it. Since then they've released four more full lengths and a couple EP's. Go check them out at The Krayolas.Com Website. There you'll find where to purchase their music, Bio's, a Discography, and lots of other band related info. Both of these great tunes are included on the "Best Riffs Only" disc, however I find these slower, more primitive versions more appealing. I apologize for the sound, my copy has certainly seen better days; hopefully one of these days I'll upgrade to a cleaner copy.

Line Up -

Hector Saldana - Vocals, Guitar
David Saldana - Drums, Vocals
Van Baines - Guitar
Barry Smith - Bass

Krayola Records 1977

1. All I Do Is Try
2. Sometime

♫♫♫...Can't You Feel It...♫♫♫

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Trouble Boys (Nice Girl Single)

I've been after this record for quite a while. I just, recently came by a copy and lucky for you, I've decided to share it with you. Far as I can tell, The Trouble Boys were a three piece from Toledo, OH and this was their only record. There's very little about these guys online and the sleeve yields nothing. The Only info I could find was this Teenline Links Page.

Taint/Detour Productions 1982

1. Nice Girl
2. Kristina

♫♫♫...Never Been Bad...♫♫♫

Monday, September 2, 2013

TV21 ( Playing With Fire and On The Run Singles)

 Per request, new rips and scans; these two singles were originally posted separately in 9/16/08 and 6/17/09.
    For your listening pleasure, here's my favorite TV21 records, with "On The Run" being my favorite of the two. The B side, "End Of A Dream" is still to this day one of my favorite songs. I added a bonus song, "Ambition" from the free single that came with "Snakes and Ladders" to the "Playing With Fire Single" download. Ambition was also part of a three song Ep released on Powbeat Records in 1980.
   TV21 were a four piece from Edinburgh Scotland, that formed in 1979. The bands name comes from a weekly British children's comic from the latter part of the 60's. They recorded a number of singles and an LP before parting ways in 1982. In 2005 they reformed and released a second LP titled Forever 22; if interested you can pick it up Here. A couple of years back, Cherry Red released an almost complete discography you can pick up Here. TV21 has a Myspace for you to check out as well, Enjoy!

Line Up -

Norman Rodger - Guitar And Vocals
Alistair Palmer - Guitar And Backing Vocals
Neil Baldwin - Bass
Colin Maclean - Drums

Powbeat Records 1980

1. Playing With Fire
2. Shattered By It All
3. Ambition (bonus)


Demon Records 1981

1. On The Run
2. End Of A Dream

♫♫♫...Hello Stranger Remember Me...♫♫♫

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Kick (Can't Let Go Single)

 Per request, new rips and scans; originally posted 9/22/10.
 The Kick were a London area four piece that were around from 1982 till 1987. In all they released three singles and had a couple of compilation tracks. When I first posted this record I knew very little about the band. But thanks to people who were nice enough to comment such as Mr. Suave and Bruce from the awesome My Life's A Jigsaw Blog, I was able to pick up a few things. Since Bruce never re upped the file, I included their first single as a bonus. It was originally posted along with the third single Here and Here. I can't remember if it originally had it or not, but my can't let go single has a slight warp in the beginning of the record that causes some noise; I guess it's time to upgrade...

Line Up -

Rob Adams - Lead Guitar
Kev Bradley - Vocals and Bass
Richard Brimmacombe - Guitar
Christopher White - Drums

Countdown Records 1986

1. I Can't Let Go
2. Armchair Politician

♫♫♫...There's A Name For You...♫♫♫

Footwear Records 1984

1. Let's Get Back Together
2. Don't Ever Change
3. A Shot In The Dark

♫♫♫...You And Me Girl...♫♫♫

The Daughters (The Daughters EP)

Per request, New Rips and Scans; originally posted 11/10/11.
The Daughters were a short lived three piece from Boston, who formed in the early eighties. They sporadically, opened for, and backed former New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders. Joe Mazzari, has a website that’s defiantly worth checking out. I believe this single was their only release. There were a series of recording sessions for an LP, but it remains unreleased.

Line Up:

Bill Doherty – Bass, Vocals
Joe Mazzari – Guitar, Vocals, an Distracting Leaps
Simon Ritt – Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Varulven Records 1981

1. German Girls
2. Shiela
3. See You Anymore

♫♫♫...They Follow Orders Well...♫♫♫