Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Wurms (Running In A Dream)

The Wurms were a four piece from Pittsburgh, that formed in 1979. I believe this was the bands only release, before disbanding in the mid 80's. In 2011 the band reformed and appear to still be active. Check them out Here.

Line Up

Jake Zucco - Guitar
Mark Zucco - Keys
Gary Fischer - Bass
Joey Bruno - Drums

AirCraft Records - 1983

1. Runnin' In A Dream
2. Teenage Suicide

♫♫♫... I Didn't Want To Hear You Whine ...♫♫♫

THE V.I.P.'S (The First Four Singles)

re-post by request, new rips and pics, enjoy!                    The V.I.P.'s were a four piece that formed in 1978; while attending Warwick University. The first e.p. "Music For Funsters" was released shortly after on Bust records. Their second offering was a split on ROK Records, with Urban Disturbance. Sometime around 1980, a deal was struck with Gem Records and the result was four more singles. They called it a day in 1983, due to the usual reasons. I don't believe there was ever a full length released. The first Four releases are represented here.

Line Up - 

Jed Dmochowski - Vocals, Guitar
Guy Morley - Guitar
Andrew Price - Bass
Paul Shurey - Drums

♫♫♫... I Haven't Got A Dime ...♫♫♫

Friday, March 15, 2019

Four Eyes (Penny Pong Single)

   Four Eyes were from San Diego, California. Their beginning's were as a six piece country/rock outfit called Copenhagen. 1980 saw the band trim to four and change there name to Four Eyes. Shortly after, they lost another member and released this, their only single on their manager Mark Shapiro's, Killer-Fish label. The band called it quits in 1990. If you'd like to read more about the band, check them out Here.

Line Up

Mark DeCerbo - Lead Vocals, Bass
Jeff Becker - Guitar, Vocals
Fred Dunsmore - Drums

Killer Fish Records - 1980

1. Penny Pong
2. Dis-Engaged

♫♫♫ Love is not an animal ♫♫♫

New Math (Die Trying Single)

re-post by request, new link, rip and pics. originally posted 10-09-08.  
   New Math were a 5 piece from Rochester NY that formed in 1976. After recording this single, the band didn't have enough money to press it. Reliable records loved it and put it out for them. The resulting press and radio airplay gained them attention from major labels; which led to the band signing with CBS.

Line Up

Kevin Patrick - Vocals
Gary Trainer - Lead Guitar
Dale S. - Guitar
Robert Slide - Bass
Paul Dodd - Drums

Reliable Records 1979

1. Die Trying
2. Angela

♫♫♫ If it takes me my whole life ♫♫♫

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Law King Size Cigarette Plus Three Other Big Hits! Ep

   Hope all of you are well! Wow, it's been a long time, with no post for me.. Oh well, I'll spare you my usual apologies. This blog is almost like an old girlfriend, whom with I once had a hot relationship. No matter where my life seems to take me, it never strays too far from my mind. It's hard
to let it die.
   The Law were a five piece from Des Moines Iowa, that were around from 1978 till 1981. This is their lone release, on their own Fly-Girl Records Label. I read that only 500 copies were pressed. I've seen an insert with a bowling pin on it but unfortunately, mines not one of them.

Line Up

Chuckie Suicide - Vocals, Guitars
Tim P. - Guitars, Shouts
Billy Disease - Organ, Sax
Mac Paul - Bass
Bolt Upright - Drums

Fly-Girl Records - 1980

1. King Size Cigarette
2. Hole In My Heart
3. Satellite Rock
4. Reason For Treason

♫♫♫...You Can't Make Us Shut Up...♫♫♫