Friday, March 30, 2012

Impossible Years (Baby Baby Single)

Here's another re post, it's a request for Wally from The Beautiful Music.Com. They have a number of cool releases, go check them out.The Impossible Years were from Philadelphia, they formed in 1978. They originally called themselves The Jags, but after hearing a single from the English band of the same name, decided to rename themselves after The 1968 Movie. I recently discovered this record comes in two different versions. One with print on the label, and (I suspect) no pic sleeve; and a picture sleeve version with the labels having pictures of a couple, and a sunset. Does anyone know which came first??? If you'd like to read more about the band, I found this page at The Mod Pop Punk Archives .. I also stumbled upon a blog called Tapewrecks, that has some recreated lost Jags tracks, their definitely worth a listen.


Todd Shuster - Vocals, and Guitar
Howard Luberski - Bass
Seth Schweitzer - Drums

Self Released 1981

1. Baby Baby
2. She's No Fun


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Gas (From The Cradle To The Grave Collection)

On October 3rd 2009, I posted The Gas's Ignore Me Single. A few people requested to hear more from them, but unfortunately I never got around to it. Just recently I got another request, due to the dead Megaupload link. I figured this was a perfect opportunity to put together my own retrospect, or best of if you will. I dug through my records, and these are all I have. I seem to remember seeing another single years ago, but this may be all of their releases, I'm not totally sure. I pulled my favorite songs from each one; sorry for the crappy picture, I didn't feel like taking each picture separately, and my camera sucks, Enjoy!!

The Gas were a UK three piece that were around in the early eighties. Unfortunately, for as many records as these guys put out; not allot of info exists.

Line Up:

Donnie Burke - Vocals, Guitar
Dell Vickers - Bass, Vocals
Leslie Sampson - Drums, Vocals

Polydor & Good Vibrations Records 1981-1983


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shane Champagne (S/T 10" EP)

Re Post from October 15th 2011

Here's the second of three releases from Boston's Shane Champagne. If you would like to here the first single along with some info on the band; check out these post's, on the Short Sharpe Kick In The Teeth, and Cheap Rewards Blogs.

Line Up:

Gary Shane - Guitar, Vocals
David Champagne - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chip Dundee - Bass, Vocals
Ricky Rothchild - Drums

Pure And Easy Records 1980

1. Hold On To The Mystery
2. Lead Me On
3. I Don't Need A Knife
4. Shadow World
5. Money Talks
6. Lonely Next To You


The Frenchmen (No Surprise Single)

Re post from November 3rd 2011.

The Frenchmen were a four piece from Erie, PA that were around from 1977, to 1980. This is the first of their two releases on the Endangered Species Record Label. A second single simply calling them the F Men on the sleeve was released in 1980 containing the tracks: Small Town Boy, Now Maybe, and Dirty Dishes Wicked Wishes. John Drumm, also played keyboards in Pistol Whip. Info is a bit scarce on these guys, so if I’m wrong about something; or you have anything to add, please feel free.

Line Up:

Bradley Harrington – Bass, Vocals
Dennis Johnson – Guitar
Frances Piazza – Drums
John Drumm – Vocals, Keyboards

Endangered Species Records 1979

1. No Surprise
2. If What You Said


The Colors (Rave It Up Ep)

By request I'm re-posting a few records, which I plan on doing periodically. The re-post's will have new scans, as well as new rips of the records, since I feel my older rips aren't very good. I originally posted this record May 20th 2010, enjoy!

The Colors were a NYC four piece that formed in 1978. known for their great live sets, they were declared Most Likely Destined for Commercial Success' by The Soho Weekly News in 1979, and seemed headed for stardom. For a time they were the house band at CBGB's, and were managed by owner Hilly Kristal. Rave It Up was put out in 1980 by local label, Infinite Records. It was produced by Clem Burke, who also replaced original drummer, Ed East and took over management of the band. A second guitarist, Charlie Pip, was added and while recording their LP, Infinite Records went under.Finally, their LP 'The Colors" was released in 1983 on the Dirt Record label, but By that time it was too late to salvage the band and they went their seperate ways. For more on the Colors, check out their MYSPACE

Line Up:

Tommy Cookman - Vocals
Paul Sass - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Robert Vickers - Bass, Vocals
Charlie Pip - Guitar, Vocals

Infinite Records 1980

1. Jealousy
2. Growin' Up American
3. West End
4. Have You Seen Her
5. Rave It Up


Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Pop (Wait A Minute Single)

Here’s a great 60’s influenced Pop two sider,(no pun intended) many of you may already know. However, if you haven’t heard this one yet, you’re in for a treat. Like the last record posted; info on the Pop is pretty much non existent. The few pages I’ve found that even mention this record, claim The Pop were from Madison, Wisconsin. I’m not sure if that’s true; or if they were even a real working band for that matter. Song credits on the record go to Cliff Fredricks, and John Dubats; unfortunately those names didn’t turn anything up either. I don't believe this ever came with a picture sleeve; and I'm pretty sure this was The Pop's only release. That’s all I have ; if none of you can shed any light on these guys, I guess this record will remain a mystery.

Straight To The Point Records 1981

1. Wait A Minute
2. Love Is Still Ours