Sunday, July 18, 2021

Disguise - Hey Baby Single

a repost, originally posted 6-22-09, new rips and scans, enjoy!

   Disguise were a Hartlepool, England three piece, that formed in 1976. This was their only release. The band ended in 1985, after a few line up changes.

Line Up

Peter Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Mckenna - Bass
Alan Scully - Drums

Chiswick Records 1978

1. Hey Baby
2. Juvenile Delinquent

Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Gooses - Just A Tailor

  Here's a catchy, lo-fi Powerpop single from 1977. Little info exists on this one; so I guess I'll ramble and speculate a bit. I found a couple of mentions that suggest, they may have been from the Cleveland Ohio area. The record appears to be self released and it doesn't look like a picture sleeve exists. The only names on the record are: S. Szilagyi, G. Morell and Mickey Szilagyi. If anyone knows anything, Do Tell!!

*Update* ( this information was left by an anonymous commenter, Thank You!)

 The Gooses: Mark Morrell (rhythm guitar); Greg Morrell (lead guitar), Steve Szilagyi (drums and vocals), Jim Booth (bass). From Cleveland, Ohio. "It it New" was recorded in 1966. Side Two, "Just a Tailor" was recorded in 1974. Both songs were written by Steve Szilagyi.

♫♫►►What Secrets Does Your Spirit Hold◄◄♫♫

Monday, July 12, 2021

Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life

   There's many bands now days that look, sound and feel like by the numbers re-hash. To me anyways, (guess I'm getting old...) Actually, I guess it's probably always been that way but I digress. Every now and then, I come by one, that sounds reminiscent of past bands but has something more to them. You just know when you're hearing something authentic, not just a soulless copy.
   Neighborhood Brats are a four piece, originally from San Francisco, now based in L.A. The band formed in 2010 and this tracks taken from their third full length. If you're into bands like: Legal Weapon, Vktms or the Avengers, with hardcore sprinkled in; you definitely should check this band out.

Line Up

Jenny Angelillo - Vocals
George Rager - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Aguilar - Drums
Mike West - Bass