Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Reactions - Official Release and Love You EP's

 a re-post, originally posted 8/15/2010. New rips and scans, enjoy!

   The Reactions were a Miami Beach, Florida four piece that formed in 1978. They self released these two great Ep's, before disbanding in 1981. Here's an interview of Isaac and Joey discussing the bands origins. Cheap Rewards Records reissued both Ep's with additional material in 2011 but I don't believe it's an easy find these days.

Line Up

Issac Baruch - Guitar
Joey Maya - Drums
John Salton - Bass
Tony Suppa - Vocals

Official Release
Reaction Records 1980

1. Tonight
2. Marianne
3. In Society
4. It's Our Turn Now

The Reactions Love You EP
Reactions Records 1980 & 1981

1. Nights On End
2. Marianne
3. I Can't Help It
4. Rebel Rousers