Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Neuz - I'm Gonna Pop

The Neuz were from Atlanta, GA. This was the first of two records. The second was a four song EP, on Hib-Tone Records in 1982. I found a video, that shows the second record as being a 2 piece. David Ford on guitar and vocals, and the late Bruce Smith on drums, and vocals. I'm not sure if this record is the same guy on drums?

Ear Records 1980

1. I'm Gonna Pop
2. Take It

Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Vers - Without You Single

   The Vers were a Monroe, Wisconsin five piece, around from 78 to 83.The band was formed by members of Yancy Derringer. The name Vers was derived in 1978 on the way back from a gig in Medford, Wisconsin, passing through Colby on Highway 13. They spotted some three-foot high, black letters, on the side of an old garage spelling out “VERS,” which Hall took as a sign from above. This was the bands only single, 500 copies were sold. They also appear on a handful of compilations.
   Jim Hall developed polyps on his vocal cords. Options were: surgery, requiring three months recovery, or stop singing and talking while it healed for the same amount of time. The latter was chosen. Mondo took a forced hiatus while the Vers went on with a temporary replacement; however no one could replace Mondo. Sadly, he couldn’t either; he essentially suffered a nervous breakdown, and upon returning to the group both he and they went into a freefall culminating in an inevitable explosion “in flames of fatigue, frustration and bitter disappointment.
    Jim Hall passed away August 22, 2001 of a massive heart attack, he was 51. Boyd Williamson passed away from heart issues, Feb. 27, 2014. Gabriel Berrafato is a Home Depot sales manager in Beloit. Charlie Kuchler fronts a Zydeco band called the Zydegatorz, and Jim Stein is an event promoter at a club.

***Big Thanks to Video Dave, for his help, filling in many of the blanks for me!***


Line up

Jimmy Clayton Hall (Mondo Vers) - vocals
Boyd Williamson (Zoid Asteroid Machine) – lead guitar
Gabriel Berrafato – Bass
C.F. "Charlie" Kuchler (Charlie Calendar) - Keys, vocals
Jim Stein – Drums

Ignorus Records 1979

1. Without You
2. Five Year Love

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Third Floor Strangers - Lorraine

    Originally called The Tourists; Third Floor Strangers were a Buffalo, NY four piece, formed in 1979. They released this single, and a full length titled, "Last Chance" before disbanding in 1983. Lorraine also appears on their LP, but I prefer this version. Sadly, I read Mark Lukich, and Jef Allen passed away.

Line Up-

Bob James - vocals, guitar
Mark Lukich - guitar, vocals
Jef Allen - Bass
Chuck Cavanaugh - Drums

Trelaine Records 1980

1. Lorraine
2. You are the one

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Infidels - 9:25 and seven seconds

   a re-post, by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted, 11- 16-2008, Enjoy!
   The Infidels were an Youngstown, Ohio four piece, that formed around 1982. Their first single, "Mad About That Girl" was released in 1985 on Jim's Records. In all, they released: 3 full lengths, a mini lp, along with a hand full of singles. This was the bands first full length, and a long time favorite. I'm giving you the option between flac and mp3, rather than make one huge download.

Line Up

Pete Drivere -  lead guitar, vocals
John Hlumyk -bass, vocals
John Koury -   drums, vocals
David Lisko -   guitar, vocals


Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Wimps (Hamburger Radio and At the Discotheque EP's)

Reposted per request, New rips and scans, originally posted 6/21/09
  The Wimps were a London based Powerpop outfit that existed from '77 to '80. They were a bunch of 17 year old schoolboys. They made two records, the Hamburger Radio e.p. and a single called "At the Discoteque.

Sniff Records 1979

1. Caroline
2. Hamburger Radio
3. New Girl At School
4. Modern Girl

♫♫♫...No Music In Your Eyes...♫♫♫

Added by request.

Sniff Records 1979

1. At the Discotheque
2. Blind Minds
3. Gonna Lose

The Boxboys (American Masquerade Single)

a re-post, by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted 8-27-2010, Enjoy!
The Boxboys Formed in Los Angeles,around 1978. They're credited as being one of the areas earliest Ska bands. Band members were; Betsy Wiess,(vocals) David Loren Burg,(guitar, keyboards, saxophone) Larry Monroe Monroe,(guitar)Scott Ska Sigman,(keys)Ivan Wong, Jr.,(bass)and Greg Sowders(drums).They recorded two singles, this was their first. Their second Skaletons in the Closet also featuring Betsy on vocals, however when it was released, she had just left the band. After leaving the Boxboys Betsy went on to front the 80's Metal band Bitch.The Boxboys replaced Betsy with a new singer named Lisa Bosch, however shortly after, the band soon came to an end.

Zone-H Records 1980

1. American Masquerade
2. Come See About Me


Sunday, February 4, 2024

Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes EP

    Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes, were / are a Louisville, Kentucky four piece, formed in 1981. They released this EP, and a mini LP; both on the Hit A Note Records label. There's a stamped paper sleeve that exists for this one, unfortunately, mines not one of them. I believe the bands still around, with Todd Bensenhaver being the only original. In 1990, a CD was released titled, " Thumb Whack" on their own Melvitone Records Label. Copies of the CD and the earlier releases are still around to be had, if you look.

Line Up

Todd Bensenhaver - guitar, lead vocals
Fred Caudill - Guitar
Tobe Liebert - Bass
Jeff Burnett - Drums

Hit-A-Note Records 1982

1. Can't Do Anything Right
2. Rich Smart and Famous
3. Drive-In
4. Facts 'R' Facts