Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Finnsters (On The Way Single)

The Finnsters
were a Lincoln, Nebraska three piece that formed in 1984. This looks to have been their only record and appears to be self released. The band parted ways around 1994. Sadly, I found a memorial stating Timothy Olson; drummer and brother to guitarist Terry Olson, passed away in 2005.
Line Up

Terry Olson - Guitar
TK Olson - Drums
Rick Cowling - Bass

Self Released 1985

1. On The Way
2. Roxine Rude

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Puppets (No Strings Single)

Hey, if you downloaded the file I uploaded last night; I apologize for the sound quality. It sounded lousy, I didn't really listen to it. I recommend downloading my new upload, it's an improvement.
a re-post, originally posted 8-05-2012, new rips and scans, enjoy! 
   The Puppets were a Washington DC area outfit, that formed in 1977. Although the lineup on this record is a three piece; it appears they began as a quintet. I believe this was their only release.


Steve Avery - Vocals, Guitar
Giles Cook - Drums, Vocals
Billy Minogue - Bass, Vocals

Parade Records 1980

1. Look At The Girls
2. Dear John Letter

♫♫♫►►Breakfast For One◄◄♫♫

Puppet Rulers (Outta My Mind Single)

a re-post, originally posted 6-10-2012, new rips and scans, enjoy!
   Puppet Rulers were a Boston Area three piece that were around in the early eighties. I believe this was their only record.


Dave Cook - Bass, and Vocals
Mark Amberg - Guitar, and Vocals
Scott Williams - Drums, and Vocals

Permanent Press Records 1981

1. Outta My Mind
2. Complicated Girl

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Mata Hari (Building Site)

   Mata Hari are a three piece, Gothic, Post-Punk outfit from Montpellier, France. The band formed in 2016 and released this 5 song disk a few months back; it's a limited release of 300. I've been really liking these guys lately. They have a cool, dark, synthy, in your face groove, that hooked me immediately. 



Monday, August 10, 2020

Monomania (Left The Stage Single)

a re-post, originally posted 6-21-2011, new rips and scans, enjoy!
   Monomania were a four piece from N.Y.C, around from 1980 to 1984. Far as I know, this was their only single and it was self released.

Line Up

Tony Cultreri - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Mike Tugetman - Guitar and Vocals
Brian Lynch Bass and Vocals
Joe Fiori - Drums, and Vocals 

Self Released 1981

1. Left The Stage
2. Come Home To Me

Friday, August 7, 2020

The Jeff Hill Band (The Pathway Tapes)

   The Jeff Hill Band
were a UK three piece, that were around between 1977 and 1980. They released one rare single on Balloon Records in 1979, with a pressing of 500. Sing Sing Records was kind enough to reissue it in 2009. 

   This killer 4 song Ep. was recorded for Chiswick Records in 1977 but went unreleased till now. Different Class Records, (a Portuguese Label) has recently remastered and released it. If you're interested in picking one up and you totally should be, (it's a must have). I wouldn't let any grass grow under your feet; they only pressed 300 copies, (200 on black with a red sleeve and 100 on black with a green sleeve). You can still pick up both versions on Discogs; I put the link below.

Line Up

Jeff Hill - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Buckley - Drums
Ray Humphries - Bass, Vocals



Bored Teenagers

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

12 Inch Love Volume 1

   Any of you that have been following me for a while might remember some of my home made comps from early on. It's been a really long time since I've attempted anything like that. About six years ago, I had an Idea for this concept. I made the cover for it, saved it and for whatever reason, it fell to the back of my mind till recently.
   The only criteria is, it must be from a 12 inch and it must have something to do with love,( dating, relationships, breaking up, etc). I'm not locked in on any particular genres; although I'm guessing they'll be lots of Powerpop. I'm not focusing on rarity and songs may or may not have appeared here in the past. I'm Hoping to make this a fairly regular installment, with multiple volumes, 12 songs each.
   Basically, I'll be pulling songs I like from 12 Inch slabs of vinyl. It should be fun, since I normally focus on 7 inches, Enjoy!

Volume 1
1. The Beekeepers - That Girl
2. Bitter Pleasures - For A Little While
3. Flight Of Mavis - On My Mind
4. Blue Shoes - I Don't Know Why
5. The Broken Hearts - Just Love Ya'
6. Charlie Pastorfield - Tell Me Why
7. The Patriots - She Loves You Too
8. Epicycle - Biological Reaction
9. The Crayons - Trapped With Her Tears
10. Crash Street Kids - Into You
11. City Lights - She Wants To Be Sure
12. Fictions - I Let Go

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Brave New Works (Wasteland Ep)

  Brave New Works were a Sydney, Australia five piece around in the early eighties. Although it appears this may have been their only record; these guys were much more than a one trick pony. I came by, (Guitarist) Marcus Phelan's YouTube Channel. He's posted quite a few live video's to prove it. Go check it out.

Line Up

Lawrence Macefield - Vocals
Rob Luckey - Guitar
Marcus Phelan - Guitar
Arch Browne - Bass
Rick Barrie - Drums

Local Label 1982

1. Wasteland
2. Mixed Up Feelings
3. Radiate