Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Cold (You Single)

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   The Cold were a New Orleans five piece. The band formed in 1979, from the ashes of a previous endeavor called Totally Cold.They released several singles (this being the first) and Two Lp's before calling it quits in 1985. All of their records were released on Kevin Radecker's Top Pop Record label. Vance DeGeneres, brother of Ellen DeGeneres, later worked as an actor, producer, and in comedy. Prior to The Cold, Chris Luckette played drums for The Normals. The Cold were recently inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. Here's some great live footage to check out as well!

Line Up

Barbara Menendez - Vocals, Keyboards
Kevin Radecker - Guitar
Vance DeGeneres - Bass
Bert Smith - Guitar
Chris Luckette - Drums

Top Pop Records 1980

1. You
2. Three Chord City

♫♫♫...It's Time To Hit The Floor...♫♫♫