Monday, March 22, 2021

Phonads - Talk To Me

The Phonads were a Petersfield, UK five piece. After a lengthy google search, I turned up little on the band. I found no evidence of any other records either. Shame, since this is a great one; definitely leaves me wanting more.
    All proceeds from this record went For Wheelabout '81. A 23 year old quadriplegic named Neil Slatter, spent two months in 1981 travelling from his home town of Petersfield, to Portsmouth partly by electric wheelchair. His goal was to raise £100,000 to buy wheelchairs for other quadriplegically handicapped people.
    The record came in a paper sleeve with a sticker, giving the band members names and where the proceeds were going. Unfortunately, my copy is missing the sleeve. If you want to see it; click on over to the always excellent, "My Life's A Jigsaw Blog". It's hard for me to believe but his post is from over 10 years ago already...

Line Up

Neil Mercer - Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Holland - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hartbottle - Drums, Vocals
Tizz Stoakes - Bass, Vocals
Dave Futcher - Keyboards

Wheelabout '81 1981

1. Talk To Me
2. You and Me

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Bozos - Weekend Girl Single

    The Bozos were a London five piece. I couldn't find much info on these guys but best I can tell; they were around from 1977 to 79. Looks like this was their only release.

Line Up

Ted Lemming - Guitar, Vocals
Stan Bland - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Brad - Guitar, Vocals
Glen Lamberton - Bass
Chris Macauley - Drums

Other Records - 1978

1. Weekend Girl
2. Fool Out Of Me

Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Pengwins - Small Vacation Single

    The Pengwins were a Kennedale, Texas four piece that formed in 1976, while still in high school. They recorded two self released singles, (this being the second); 500 copies were pressed of each. In 1988 a six song lp called, " Mad About the Band" was released. They called it quits in the early 90's.

Line Up

Lannie Flowers - Guitar, Vocals
Alan Petsche - Guitar, Vocals
Delbert Raines - Bass
Danny Wilkerson - Drums

Arctic Records - 1980

1. Small Vacation
2. Don't Be A Girl About It

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Belltowers - Day Breakaway

    Here's the first full length from Orlando, Florida's The Belltowers. Originally released in 2015 on Twenty Stone Blatt Records and now available to purchase, through download, from Bandcamp. Formed in 2004 by Paul Mutchler, of The Lears; they also have a few singles and a a couple of mini Lp's to their credit. A great mix of: Psych, Folk Rock and Powerpop; the right influences are on full display here: Byrds, Beatles, Kinks, Etc. Check it out..