Monday, March 8, 2021

The Belltowers - Day Breakaway

    Here's the first full length from Orlando, Florida's The Belltowers. Originally released in 2015 on Twenty Stone Blatt Records and now available to purchase, through download, from Bandcamp. Formed in 2004 by Paul Mutchler, of The Lears; they also have a few singles and a a couple of mini Lp's to their credit. A great mix of: Psych, Folk Rock and Powerpop; the right influences are on full display here: Byrds, Beatles, Kinks, Etc. Check it out..



Curty Ray said...

Been listening to these guys for a while! Magnetic: Reel One and Magnetic: Reel Two are great too.

BellTowers on Bandcamp

Frank Miller said...

I've been likening them a lot lately. All of their releases are really good. Thanks for the comment Curt!