Monday, May 30, 2011

The Roulettes (The Roulettes)

The Roulettes were a studio band who originally went by the name Laguna. Based in LA, band members were originally from Boise ID, I'm pretty sure this was their only release. Sadly,Bart Bishop (Vocals, Guitars, and Organ) passed away a couple of years ago. I found THIS PAGE, set up by his son Graham, where you can donate money to a non profit organisation, called Green For All. Other band members were : Jim Lowry, (Bass) Jeff Holman, (Drums) and Tom Mcmeekan (Lead Guitar, and back up vocals).

Takoma Records 1981


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking A Break

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while; I've been taking a break.I have a real love, hate, relationship with this site. Last month I was ready to pull the plug, and erase the whole thing; and then I thought, maybe I should step back, and not be so hasty. I realised it would be a shame to wipe it out, especially after putting so much time into it,( time that I should have been spending with my family). I literally have piles of records picked out to post, but for some reason, I've lost my inspiration. I'm hoping a hiatus, will help me to regain some of the fire I once had. I have a question??? If it turns out, that this is indeed the day of our demise. what is the last song you would like to hear before your DOOM!