Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Shout (I Won't Be There Single)

a repost by request, originally posted 11/16/10, new rip and scans, Enjoy.
  The Shout were based out of Harrisburg P.A. . They released just one single, as well as a track on The Rebel Kind Comp. I included it for your listening pleasure, it has more of a garage feel to it.

Line Up -

Jim Gordon - Bass and Lead Vocals
Dan Kibler - Guitar and Vocals
Lisa Partchy - Keyboards
Scott Van Bretz - Drums

Sounds Interesting Records 1982-83

1. I Won't Be There
2. Sha-Day-La-Day
3. From Here

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DV8 (Learn To Say Goodbye)

DV8 were a short lived Chicago three piece that were around in the early Eighties. Far as I know this was their only record. After DV8 parted, Eric Spicer moved on to play drums for Naked Raygun.

Line Up -

Lorin Klugman - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Spicer - Drums
Bob Hanchett - Bass

Tough Records 1981

1. Learn To Say Goodbye
2. Guns On The Right

♫♫♫...Pick Up The Fight...♫♫♫

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Phil Neal (Standard Question)

Phil Neal is a Kansas City, Missouri Performer/Songwriter. His resume dates back to the late 70's as front man for bands such as: The Artists, The Phil Neal Band, The Power Ties, The Rockhills and more recently, Phil Neal and the Wornalls. Seems at one time, he was on the verge of commercial success, having opened for the likes of Kenny Loggins and having videos aired on MTV. His current band, The Wornalls released two full lengths. If your curious, you can check them out Here.
Cross Fire Line Up -
Phil Neal - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Doug Gunn - Drums
Guido - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Richard Streeter - Bass Vocals
Standard Question Line Up -
Phil Neal - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Henry Earley - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Doug Gunn - Drums
Richard Streeter - Bass, Vocals
Raoul Stitt Percussion, Vocals
Brian Holman - Synth
Clafin on cover, Claflin on record label ? Music 1980
1. Standard Question
2. Crossfire

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pictures (Kicks & Tips)

 Pictures were a Swedish three piece that released three singles in the early Eighties. This was the second of three and my personal favorite. Before Pictures, Lasse Hansson and Patrik Sventelius were in Hangover who released a couple of singles around 78-79 and were responsible for the classic buzzsaw, "Sick Society"..

Line Up -

Lasse Hansson - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Patrik Sventelius - Bass and Vocals
Calle Thorne - Drums

Vanity Fair Records 1981

1. Kicks & Tips
2. Rebel 81

♫♫♫...Your No Fool...♫♫♫

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Drop (He doesn't know he's a trendy Ep)

Drop was a four piece from Middlesbrough England that formed in 1978. I'm guessing this was they're only record and it appears to have been self released. They reformed a couple of years back and started performing and writing new material. I FOUNDCOUPLE of PAGES you can check out. The first one has some recent live footage.

Line Up -

Chris Oberon - Vocals, Bass
Andrew Kiss - Drums
Neil Jones - Keyboards
Stuart Rickard - Guitars

Dropped Records 1980

♫♫♫... Complete With Artificial Tan...♫♫♫

Monitors (Trouble Single)

 A repost by request, originally posted 11/25/11, new rip and scans, Enjoy.
   The Monitors, were a four piece from Cleveland; that formed in 1980. This single was their only official release. In 1982 they relocated to San Francisco, and disbanded. If you would like to read more about The Monitors, here’s a page interviewing front man Nelson Yandura.

Line Up:

Nelson Yandura – Vocals
Chris Andrews – Guitar, Vocals
Ed Lash – Bass, Vocals
Rik Keihl – Drums, Vocals

Boo-Wit Records 1981

1. Trouble
2. Rip Your Dress

♫♫♫...I don't mean maybe...♫♫♫

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tools (Tools #3 Ep)

By request, here's the third and final offering from San Francisco's, The Tools.

Line up -

Michael Fox - Guitar, Vocals
Lloyd Love - Bass, Vocals
Greg Baker - Drums, Vocals
Roxanne Whitely - Vocals
Gina Ramos - Vocals
Kathleen Araneda - Vocals

Subterranean Records 1981

1. The Youth
2. I Know What's Wrong
3. Asexuality In The 80's
4. Over Now

♫♫♫...I'll Beat It To A Pulp...♫♫♫

The Original Sins (Party's Over)

By request, a re-post, originally posted 4/18/11, New Rip.
    Here's a band from my back yard, I had the pleasure of seeing live a few times over the years. The Original Sins were a four piece from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that began around 1987. Their last LP was in 1997, but it's possible they may still get together once in a while in some form. John Terlesky also spent time in The Creatures, as well as a few other projects, such as : Fuzzface, Crush Nova, Suffacox, Brother JT, and Vibrolux. As of 2007 he was still releasing records under Brother JT, but I'm not sure if he's still doing that either. The sins released at least 9 full lengths, and a half a dozen singles. This is my favorite Sins record, oddly enough, it was released on the Australian Dog Meat Label. Party's Over is a compilation of songs, and unreleased outtakes from their The Hardest Way cd, as well as a remix from their 1987 Bar None Single. Here's a couple of articles you can check out.

Line Up -

John Terlesky - Vocals, Guitar
Dan McKinney - Keyboards
Ken Bussiere - Bass
Dave Ferrara - Drums

Dog Meat Records 1990

♫♫♫...My Heart Bleeds For You...♫♫♫

Monday, June 22, 2015

The F Models (God Fearing Man)

The F Models were a four piece from Akron, Ohio; that were around in the early Eighties. Besides this record, they release one earlier single titled "Nobody Loves Me bw Russia Rocks" and had a track on the t.m.i. 015 compilation. The comp track is a primitive version of "It's Not Right", which I included with the download. Although the single version has better production; I'm not in love with the echo on the vocals. I think I prefer the comp version, it's raw and in your face. Sadly, Ig Nition passed away; here's a memorial page you can check out.

Line Up -

Ig Nition - Vocal, Guitars
Bill Terrell - Guitars
Fender - Bass Guitar
Steve McKee - Drums

t.m.i. Products 1982

1. God Fearing Man
2. It's Not Right
3. It's Not Right (t.m.i. 015 compilation version)

♫♫♫...No one Likes My Haircut...♫♫♫

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Proles / The Condemned (Rock Against Racism Split Single)

Here's a split single from a couple of UK bands on the Rock Against Racism Label. The Proles were a four piece from FenceHouses, Houghton Le Spring. They released another single on Small Wonder Records, that you can find Here . More recently, they released a couple of best of's on Overground Records and Grand Theft Audio Records. The Condemned were from the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area. I read on You Tube, they were 15 years old. I wasn't able to find anything else about them.

Line Ups -

The Proles

John Black - Vocals, Bass
Peter Short - Guitar
Kevin Willis - Guitar
Kevin Wilson - Drums

The Condemned

Dave Demise - Vocals, Guitar
Vic Saville - Guitar
Tess Sewell - Bass
Mark Saville - Drums

Rock Against Racism 1979

♫♫♫...There's A Voice In My Head...♫♫♫

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Youth Brigade (Sound And Fury, original version)

A repost, by request. Originally posted 11/16/08. New rip and scans, Enjoy!
Although this record is looked down on by some, I prefer it. I really like the in your face vocals , and a few of the tunes, that didn't make the cut like alienated make this a must.
   Youth Brigade was formed in 1980, in Los Angeles amid the explosion of the Southern California punk scene by brothers Shawn, Mark, and Adam Stern. Shawn and Mark formed the Better Youth Organization in '79. They started off promoting shows, as they ran the infamous Godzilla's nightclub in 1981. They also started BYO Records in 1982, which has released 102 records to date.Youth Brigade played their first gig as a 3 piece(the bands first year of existence was as a 6 piece!) on New Year’s Eve ‘81/’82 at Godzilla’s. They were part of the big BYO extravaganza, “Youth Movement’82” at the Hollywood Palladium, where 3500 people showed up for an all L.A. bill in early February. Then they recorded 3 tracks for the first BYO record release, “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In”, and took off in their big yellow school bus on their first North American tour during summer of ‘82. 60 hours were documented on video tape to become the movie, "Another State of Mind"). After about 30 shows and several breakdowns (all documented on film!) they returned home to record their debut LP “Sound and Fury” (A premature version was rushed together before the tour but pressing was stopped at 800 copies as the band was not satisfied with the quality of the material or production.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Limit (Please Please Me Single)

The Limit formed in 1977, originally as The Freebies. I'm assuming they were from London? Just prior to the release of this single; they changed their name to The Limit. Unfortunately, it didn't sell very well and it looks as though the band parted ways by 1979. Dan Perdicou, (Guitar) later spent time in The Dark and Ray Burmiston, (Vocals) in The Passion Puppets. Ray is currently a Photographer, you can check him out HERE. I couldn't find any mention of the other band members ?

Private Stock Records 1978

1. Please Please Me
2. My World At Night

♫♫♫...Ain't so tough after all...♫♫♫

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Positive Signals / The Strand - Split Single

 Here's a nice split single featuring two Westminster (London) based bands. All four songs are solid but the standout in my opinion is definitely, "Only for a day", from Positive signals. If I didn't know better, I would guess it's an old Buzzcocks demo with Steve Diggle on vocals. I mean that as a compliment as I love the Buzzcocks; definitely catchy stuff. Ashton Liburd and Tony Doyle also played in Exposure and Two tribes. I couldn't really find anything on The Strand.

Positive Signals

Ashton Liburd - Vocals, Bass
Tony Doyle - Guitar, Vocals
Ian Greaves - Drums, Vocals
Chris Withers Green - Guitar

1. Media Man
2. Only For A day

The Strand

Gary Knight - Vocals, Guitar
Perry Harris - Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Stewart - Drums, Vocals
Nicky Portch - Bass

3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
4. Changing World

♫♫♫...I Can't Go Out?...♫♫♫

Friday, June 5, 2015

Visions (Something Like This Single)

   This one's a  mystery to me. Other than a Ebay listing claiming it to be from the Midwest; all clues on the record go nowhere. Oh well, maybe someday, someone will weigh in with some info. The A side, "Something Like This" has a dark Powerpop vibe to it; while the flip is a bit more Country flavored.

Hot Rod Records 1983

1. Something Like This
2. Laweego

♫♫♫...You Want It So Bad...♫♫♫ 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Clones (Tired Of Hiding Single)

A repost, originally posted 5/27/10. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
  The Clones were a New South Wales Australian band, who formed in 1978.They became popular, playing around Sydney, and released One single in 1980, on RCA records. It hit #87 on the national charts, and sold around 2000 copies. By late 1980 due to many of the usual reasons, The Clones called it a day. Their last ever gig was at the Betsy nightclub in North Sydney. Members of The Clones went on to form Sydney bands, such as ;The Persuaders, The Reasons Why, and The Touched. Check out their OFFICIAL SITE , it goes into allot of detail on the history of the band.

RCA Records 1980

1. Tired Of Hiding
2. Happy I'm With Her

♫♫♫...I'd Do Almost Anything...♫♫♫

The Tools (Hard Wark Single)

A repost by request. Originally posted 9/24/08. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
The Tools were a San Francisco four piece that release three great singles and had a track on the San Francisco Underground comp.

Line up -

Michael Fox - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Lloyd Love - Bass, Backup Vocals
Greg Baker - Drums, Backup Vocals
Roxanne Whitely - Backup Vocals

Subterranean Records 1980

1. Hard Wark
2. The Road Forever

♫♫♫...I Don't Wanna Go To War...♫♫♫


A repost by request. Originally posted 12/9/08. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
   Boys Life were a Malden, Massachusetts four piece that formed around 1979. I read the average age of the band was 16 when they started. Their first EP was produced by Cars drummer, David Robinson. John's brother Dave (a graduate of Colby College and a former manager of a Strawberries Record Store) managed the act and wrote lyrics. The EP made the "Future's Jackpot" column in the well respected CMJ New Music Report. The act opened for friends, The Jam, at the Ritz, The Channel and The Orpheum (5-21-82), as well as a famous jam session with Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton held at the tiny Underground nightclub.

Line up -

John Surette - Lead Vocals Organ, Guitar
Joe McCormack - Bass
Neal Sugarman - Saxophone
Robert Weiner - Drums, Vocals
   The Outlets attained success in the greater Boston music scene but failed to gain national attention. They are best known for the single "Knock Me Down", a regional hit. The band reunited in the late 1990s. and then again in 2005. Barton's son plays in the bands Call of Decency and Altitude Zero, bands which originated at the Fenn School.
Barton's brother, Rick went on to be a founding member of Dropkick Murphys, though he has subsequently left the group. He is currently on tour with his new band Everybody Out. Walter Gustafson's post-Outlets resume includes several tours drumming for Gang Green as well as stints with The Freeze and Nervous Eaters. Barton boys' cousin, Somerville, MA guitarist/songwriter Bill Trudell cowrote many Outlets songs and helped define The Outlets' early sound. Trudell released a collection of songs entitled Pleasure Package in June 2008.

Line up -

David Alex Barton - Vocals, Guitar
Rick Barton - Guitar, vocals
Mike White - Bass, Vocals
Walter Gustafson - Drums

Modern Method Records 1980

1. Boys Life - Perfect Life
2. Boys Life - More Trouble For Modern Man
3. The Outlets - Knock Me Down
4. The Outlets - You Told Me

♫♫♫...She Thinks I'm A Jerk...♫♫♫

Abstracts (Take Me Away Single)

This is a repost by request. Originally posted 8/20/11. New rips and scans, enjoy!
Abstacts were a short lived New Jersey Five piece; that were around in the early Eighties. I Know the cover doesn't look like much; but don't be fooled, this is a N.J. Powerpop Classic! As is usually the case; with bands such as this, info is scarce. I'm pretty sure this was their only single; and it may have been self released, as I don't recall ever seeing anything else on this label.

Dave Biglin - Keyboards, and Vocals
Michael Liloia - Bass, and Vocals
Slim Hacker - Guitar
Joe "Loobie" Lewis - Guitar, and Lead Vocals
Joe Vangieri - Drums

Post Modernist Records 1981

1. Take Me Away
2. It's Me

♫♫♫...I Can Dance Better Than You...♫♫♫

The Limits (What You Do, I Get Excited)

This is a repost, by request. Originally posted 10/31/08. New rips and scans, enjoy!
The Limits, one of Eastern Pennsylvania's first garage/Brit influenced bands, sprang up in Allentown, Pa, in late 1964. The Lehigh Valley area was an amazing collective of musicians, teen clubs, radio DJ's, friends and fans. Along with The Limits, bands like Kings Ransom, Squires, Shillings, Uproar, and national hitmakers Jay & the Techniques all enjoyed varying success, regularly playing under 21 clubs such as The Purple Owl, The Mad Hatter, The Mod Mill, and King Arthur's Court. Fast forward to '79..years of music interspersed with life, meditation, medication, mediation, speculation...and the stirring of the sound known as THE LIMITS to reincarnate. Welcome Peter Smoyer and Hub Willson (of Shillings fame.) The band put out 4 lps and several singles and . They released a collection of their best recordings from 1979-88, entitled songs about girls, that you can download Here. Rick Levy (guitarist, vocals) has gone on to perform with Herman's Hermits, Tommy Roe, Jay & the Techniques, Freddy Cannon and other 60's legends...
Flying Governor Records 1982

1. What You Do (I Get Excited)
2. Run For You

♫♫♫...I Get Turned On...♫♫♫

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Boom (Nancy Packs A Piece)

The Boom were a Boston four piece that formed in 1979. This was there only single, 500 were pressed. If you would like to learn more about the band, I found This Page for your reading pleasure.

Line Up

Jeff Matthews - Vocals, Guitar
Ron Hendel - Vocals, Guitar
Rob Falk - Bass
Tom Lamont - Vocals, Drums

Hand To Mouth Records - 1981

1. Nancy Packs A Piece
2. Shot Down

♫♫♫...She Blew Me To Bits...♫♫♫

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Desperated Company (Higher Single)

Desperated Company was a Rijkevorsel, Belgium five piece that began in 1967. This is one of two singles released in 1977. Higher is a full on Powerpop smasher with great harmonies. The other single was "Someone's Lovin' Me" bw  "Rock & Roll Music" on Monopole Records. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the translations, so I'm not going to risk giving you wrong information about their history, line up etc. Here's their Official Site and their Facebook Page. It appears as though some version of the band remains active today.

Foon Records 1977

1. Higher
2. Can Somebody Tell Me

♫♫♫...I wanna get you Higher...♫♫♫

The Trends (In My Dreams Single)

This is a repost by request, originally posted 3/27/11, new rip and scan.
This is the first of two singles from The Trends. I couldn't find any info, on the band; all I know is, they were a Dutch four piece. Both tunes are great Powerpop; I only included one side of the sleeve, because both sides are the same.

CNR Records

1. In My Dreams
2. If You Leave Me

♫♫♫...You drive me wild...♫♫♫

Tyrnaround (Want of a rhyme single)

This is a repost from 2/15/09; new rips and scans.
Tyrnaround were a five piece from Melbourne, Australia that formed in 1985. They released two singles, a couple cassettes, a full length called "Succeeds When Daylight Fails", an e.p. titled "Colour Your Mind" and a compilation cd called Go Back, before disbanding in 1999 due to the passing of lead singer Michael Phillips.

Line Up-

Michael Phillips - Vocals
Peter Fidler - Guitar
Leigh Underhill - Bass
Ken Gardner - Keys
Gavin Gray - Drums, Vocals

Polyester Records - 1987

1. Want of a rhyme
2. Hello Or Goodbye

♫♫♫...Your own minds eye...♫♫♫

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Now (Fuzztone Fizzadelic)

A repost by request, originally posted 6/22/09.The Now are a Peterborough, England four piece that formed in 1976 and as far as I know are still at it today. They released two classic singles before disbanding in 1979, "Development Corporations / Why" on The Ultimate Record Label in 1977 and Into the Eighties / Nine O' Clock on Raw Records in 1979.
   2004 brought all four original members back in the studio to record "Fuzztone Fizzadelic". It represents their original set list, as performed in 1977. If you would like to read more about the band, here's a couple of places to start : Wikipedia and Punk 77 .
Line Up -
Mike McGuire - Vocals
Steve Rolls - Guitars
Faz Farrow - Bass
Joe MacColl - Drums

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zero Defekts (Zero Defekts)

Zero Defekts were a Chicago three piece that formed in 1981. I'm not sure but this may have been their only release with this line up. Side A of this record really doesn't do much for me but all three songs on the flip make it a keeper. Founding and only original member, Nick Nick, appears to be keeping the band alive; you can check him out Here . I found another full length released in 2003 called "Love Is Hell" , you can buy for $5.00.

Line Up-

Bob Galiardo - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Dfox - Drums, Vocals
Nick Nick - Bass, Vocals

 Self Released 1982

 ♫♫♫...Catch The Night Flow...♫♫♫

Sunday, March 1, 2015

News (Stop EP)

This was originally posted 1/16/10. After hearing of Nate Mountel's passing, I felt a repost was appropriate.
News were a Cincinnati five piece that performed around the midwest from 1978 to 1980. They released this EP and another single on the Waldo Records. Most of the band lived in the Waldo Apartments in downtown Cincinnati, hence the name. News also had a piece titled Experimental Animals, on an LP produced by C.A.G.E. (Cincinnati Artists Group Experience), which featured various area artists.Nate Mountel left the band late in 1980. The rest of the band reformed with slightly different personnel as The Fourth Estate, but had a brief career. Paul and Jim moved to San Francisco to form a group called Pray for Rain. Paul Trupin passed away in 1995; you can read more about him in this post's comments. Sadly, Nate Mountel also passed away 2/25/15, from lupus complications, RIP.

Lineup -

Paul Trupin - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Hershberger - Lead Guitar
Peter Alexander - Bass
Jim Woody - Keyboards
Nate Mountel - Drums
Carol Shloss - played a bass line on Stop and the insistent drone keyboard note on Stop

Waldo Records 1980

1. Stop
2. To Begin With
3. Brothers
4. Dix-Mille Kilometres De Moi (Ten-Thousand Miles From Me)

♫♫♫...Let's Stop...♫♫♫

The Sneaks (Success...The Hard Way E.P.)

This is a repost by request; originally posted 4/20/10.
The Sneaks formed around 1980, they were a Arcadia, California-based band, who release two E.P,'s. One was titled Sneak Preview from 1981, and This one which came out in 1983. Some time around 1984, they called it a day. Since then, there have been a few reunion shows, and a CD compiling their two E.P.'s along with Demos and unreleased tracks. I pulled the best three tracks from this for your listening pleasure. Here's a link for a website that will tell you all you want to know about these guys, as well you can purchase their CD for a measly $10.00.

Line Up -

Brett Perkins - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Rob Schilling - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Howie Orell - Bass, Vocals
Greg Tortell - Drums, Vocals

Upbeat Music 1983

♫♫♫...You'll Come Runnin' To Me...♫♫♫

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mod Lang (Because of You Single)

Mod Lang is a three piece that I wasn't able to find any info on. Unfortunately, the sleeve doesn't yield much either. If anyone can help fill in the blanks, it would be most appreciated. I guess I'll stop rambling now..... Enjoy!

Jettset Records 1982

1. Because of You
2. When It's Time

♫♫♫...I'm With A Real Girl...♫♫♫

The Toys (Livin' Fast Single)

This is a repost by request; originally posted 6/7/10.
   Formed in 1979 by brothers Alan, and Kevin Kalicki, (Rocky Starr and Kevin Rat), from the ashes of their previous band Aunt Helen,(who released one single titled "Big Money / Rebecca in 1978). The Toys became one of the premiere live bands of Buffalo N.Y.'S Punk movement. This single, and a track on a compilation that's unknown to me were their only releases. In 1982, they changed their name to the New Toys, picked up a new Bass player, and relocated Staten Island, before disbanding in 1984. Sadly, Alan Kalicki passed away In 1996, he was 41 years old.

Line Up -

Meat Cleaver - Bass
Kevin Rat - Drums
Rocky Starr - Guitar
Mick Tyler - Guitar

Maxwell Music 1980

1. Livin' Fast
2. I'm Telling You Now

♫♫♫...Never Think About The Past...♫♫♫

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Donuts (All The Innocent Girls)

   I wasn't able to uncover much about The Donuts. What little I was able to find came from a memorial tribute, posted on YouTube.
   Here's a couple of things I found interesting....
The back of the sleeve lists three Guitar players and the song order on the sleeve is reversed. The dead wax lists "All The Innocent Girls" as the A side. That's my favorite of the two anyway; so that's the order I went with. I apologize for the small amount of noise at the beginning of both tracks. Sometimes, records look better than they play.
   The Donuts transplanted to Los Angeles, from the Bay Area in the late 70's. Soon after, Chris Hauptmann was recruited to round out the line up. This was, (as far as I know) the bands only record; and it appears to have been self released. As I mentioned above; Sadly, Paul Skelton passed away in 2009, RIP.

Line Up -

Chris Hauptmann - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Skelton - Guitar, Vocals
John Nolan - Bass
Eric Jerde - Drums

No Label 1980

1. All The Innocent Girls
2. She May Be Your Girl

♫♫♫...I Had A Problem...♫♫♫

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Easy Money (Getting Lost and Standing In Your Shadow Singles)

Easy Money were a Victoria, B.C. four piece, that existed from around 1978 till 1984. Here's both of their excellent singles; on Richards Records, which I think was a local area record store. It's a shame they didn't release anything else. As catchy as both of these singles are, I'm sure they would have released a top notch full length. I'm really left wanting more.

Richard's Records 1980

1. Getting Lost
2. High Fashion

♫♫♫...It's Hopeless...♫♫♫

Line Up -

Rob Lifton - Guitar, Vocals
Karl Hourigan - Vocals, Guitar
Linda Humphries - Bass, Vocals
Dave Hill - Drums

Richard's Records 1980

1. Standing In Your Shadow
2. No Stranger To Danger

♫♫♫...My Hearts Breakin'...♫♫♫

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Keepers ( By The Same Name Ep )

This is a repost, by request, originally from 8/17/09
   The Keepers were a five piece from Oxford, OH that formed sometime in the early Eighties. When I first posted this record six years ago there was very little information to be found on these guys. Since that time unfortunately, not allot has changed; I did however find this Facebook Page. I remember reading somewhere, the band eventually moved to Boston and after little success, called it quits.

Line Up -

Craig Bloom - Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals
Stephen Dougherty - Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals
Laurens Vernot - Bass, Backing Vocals
Craig Stephens - Guitars
Keith Fleming - Drums

Nu - Bob Music 1984

♫♫♫...Isn't That What You Told Me...♫♫♫

NewToys (Say It LP)

This is a repost by request from 5/25/11.
The Newtoys were a Buffalo, N.Y. four piece that formed in 1979, originally as The Toys. They released one single as The Toys in 1980. In 1982 the band changed their name to The NewToys, released this LP, and relocated Staten Island. They continued as The NewToys for a couple more years, before disbanding sometime around 1984.

Line Up-

Rocky Starr - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Starr - Drums, Vocals
Meat Cleaver - Bass, Vocals
Mick Tyler - Guitar, Vocals

Mark / Playtime Records 1982

♫♫♫...You Let Me Down...♫♫♫

The Reducers (The Reducers Lp)

This is a repost, by request from 10/15/09.
   The Reducers were a New London, Connecticut four piece that formed in 1978. In all, they released nine Lp's and a hand full of singles. This, their first full length effort was released, (as is the case with all of their records) on their own Rave On Records label. The Reducers disbanded in 2012, following the sad passing of their bassist Steve Kaika from cancer. If your interested in learning more about the band, here's a few links you can check out:
The Reducers.Com - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube
You can still purchase the majority of The Reducers releases; click on the Rave On Records Link below.

Line Up -

Hugh Birdsall - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Detmold - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Kaika - Bass, Vocals
Tom Trombley - Drums, Vocals

Rave On Records 1984

♫♫♫...Open Up Your Eyes...♫♫♫

The Chameleons (Nostalgia E.P.)

This is a repost by request from 3/11/09.
   This is my favorite Chameleons record; "Nostalgia" is such a great song.
   The Chameleons formed in Manchester, England, in 1981 from the ashes of a number of local groups. Mark Burgess, ( vocals/bass) began with the Cliches, (Guitarists) Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding from the Years and John Lever ( Drums, who replaced founding member Brian Schofield) from the Politicians.
   After releasing three full lengths and a number of singles and Ep's; The Chameleons disbanded in 1987, following the  death of their manager Tony Fletcher. The band reformed in 2000 and released a couple more Lp's before once again disbanding in 2003.

Statik Records 1985

1. Nostalgia
2. In Shreds
3. Less Than Human

♫♫♫...Share My Nostalgia With You...♫♫♫

Hip Chemists (Pop Songs Single)

 This is a Repost, by request from 4/17/11. I've taken the information for this from comments associated with my original post of this record. If anything I've wrote here is incorrect, please let me know.
   The Hip Chemists were a short lived Carbondale Illinois four piece; that formed in 1982, while attending Southern Illinois University. Originally called the Dead End Kids, they changed their name to Hip Chemists and recorded this, their only single. "Pop Songs" was inspired by the assassination of John Lennon. Dave Balchen, (Bass) and Stan Barker, (a friend of the band, who wrote "Pop Songs") were in Chicago's first punk band, The Crucified in 1977. They were the first Chicago punk band to release a record; a 4 song EP on they're own Power Records label. The Crucified broke up in 1978, due to the lack of clubs in Chicago willing to book punk bands at the time. Sadly, Stan Barker passed away Sept. 22, 2014, RIP.

Line Up-

Stace England - Vocals
Dave Balchen - Bass
Shaun Mason - Guitar
Dan Balchen - Drums

Kio Records 1984

1. Pop Songs
2. I Wanna Be A Brit

♫♫♫...You Thought Pop Would Save Us All...♫♫♫

Monday, February 2, 2015

My apologies

   As seems to have been the case these last couple of years; I once again find myself apologizing for an extended absence. Unfortunately, my life just doesn't afford me an abundance of time to work on this site anymore. Additionally, for what ever reason; when I do have time, my hearts just not into it. I've been seriously considering selling my record collection, taking the money and buying myself a new Indian motorcycle. As you might imagine; that decision would definitely spell the end for this site and my music collection, as I couldn't and wouldn't be able to replace everything. Even though I've been feeling this way, I still love music. A bit burned out but still in love; which makes it a tough decision. Rather than leave this site hanging around unattended; I'll most likely delete it, if I chose to go that route. It's been hanging by a thread anyway, the last couple of years. For the moment, I'll try my best to post all of the re up requests and maybe a few new ones. We'll see how things go and how I'm feeling. Thanks for all of your comments and support over the years!!