Monday, July 30, 2012

The Invaders (Designer Genes Ep)

The Invaders were a four piece from Alabama. As far as I know, this was their only record. The web yielded nothing on these guys; and I don't believe this has been comped yet, which is surprising because it's a great record.


Martin Ross - Vocals, Bass
Edward Reynolds - Vocals, Guitar
Bill Crow - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Reynolds - Drums

Polyester Records 1980

1. Rockin' In Boston
2. She's A Heartbreaker
3. Reita
4. Under Submission

***The Invaders***

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Judy's (Washarama)

This re-post is from 7/22/12, same scans, new rips. This is a request for someones 52nd Birthday......"Happy Birthday"!!
       The Judy's formed in Pearland, Texas around 1979. Originally a four piece; guitarist Sam Roush, was killed in an automobile accident two weeks before the release of their first EP Teenage Hangups. The decision was made to keep the band a three piece, lineup was: David Bean, (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) Dane Cessac, (Drums, Vocals) and Jeff Walton (Bass, and Vocals). The Judy's went on to release Three LP's, another EP, and a Single. You can further research the band, and buy their releases at the Wasted Talent Records Website, linked below. The Judy's are still around in some form, at least as of 2008 anyway.

Wasted Talent Records 1981

***The Judy's***

The Front Lines (Where Do We Go From Here? Ep)

Per request, this is a re-post from 3/3/10 with new rips, and scans: once again, sorry it took so long.
     The Front Lines were a four piece from Evanston, Ill. The band formed around 1979, and lasted through 1983. This Page has a history of the band, it's members; and MP3's of most if not all of  the their recordings. If your a fan of the Front Lines it's a must.


Phil Rothman - Vocals, Guitar
Kier Strejcek - Guitars
Kevin Bowie - Bass
Steve Jarvis - Drums

 Practical Records 1980

1. Night Napalm
2. Dying In Fiction
3. Voice Of America
4. Lips Are Sealed

***The Front Lines***

Prime Movers (Change For The Better Single + Bonus)

 Here's a re-post from 12/23/08, that was requested quite a while ago. Included are new rips, and scans, as well as a bonus track from the Nobody Gets On The Guest-List comp; sorry it took so long!!
     One thing that's fun about putting these post's together is that I learn allot about the bands that I listened to for years as well . Take for instance , I never realized the Prime Mover's didn't have a full length ,but when I looked them up I found that they recently got back together and released their first album . I think I have all their releases, and their all great . Formed in Boston by high school chums Dick Tate (guitar, vocals), Cam Ackland (vocals, harmonica), Jeff Sugarman (bass, vocals) and Dennis McCarthy (drums), the Movers were inspired by their musical heroes the Who, the Jam and the Kinks. Adopting a power chord driven, vocal harmony approach, their sound is aggressive power pop with elements of “Mod” soul and 60’s go-go. Go check them out and pick up their new record, Here's their Myspace!

Moulty Records 1983/ Throbbing Lobster Records 1984

1.Change For The Better
2. 1-2-5
3. Matter Of Time

***Prime Movers***

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back Soon!!

I know I haven't exactly been consistently active lately; I apologise for that. After I lost my files I had stored with Megaupload, I became pretty bummed out. I then moved to back to Mediafire, but now every ones having trouble with them as well. That prompted me to look into my own domain, for the second time. On the surface it seems like a great idea; but I just cant build a blog I'm happy with using Wordpress. So for the second time, I've given up on the web hosting idea. So what does all this mean??? It means I'm staying here, and if things get to crazy, maybe it's time for the curtain to finally fall. Till then, I have tons of great records I'll be posting in the very near future. It's time to get this thing back in gear, and have fun again. I'm also planning on catching up on all of the Re-post requests I've received recently. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!