Monday, October 31, 2011

Great Pop Singles, That Won't Brake Your Wallet,Vol.1

These days it seems, (to me anyway) that many records are regarded more for their rarity, and worth; rather than the content that lies in the grooves. I thought it would be fun to post a few singles, that can be had without breaking your wallet. That's not to say that there's not many great high dollar records out there as well. I just wanted to start a periodic series that appreciates some Pop records that are just as great; but can be had for less money.

The Searchers (Hearts In Her Eyes Single)

The Searchers are a four piece from Liverpool that originally formed around 1957, as a five piece. After countless line-ups, and records I believe The Searchers are still at it with John McNally, being the only original member. This little Powerpop gem is also found on their 1979 LP titled, "Searchers". If you would like to know more about the group; here's a link for their Official Website. The line-up on this record was:

John McNally: lead guitar, vocals
Mike Pender: rhythm guitar, vocals
Frank Allen: bass, lead vocals
Billy Adamson: drums

Sire Records 1979

1. Hearts In Her Eyes
2. Don't Hang On


The Pinkees (Danger Games Single + Bonus Songs)

The Pinkees were a great Beatles influenced five piece from Basildon, in Essex, that were around for a short time in the early 80's. I also included a few bonus tracks from their excellent self titled LP for your listening pleasure. I think they had a couple more singles, and that was it.

The Pinkees were:

Andy Price - Vocals/Guitar
Paul Egholm - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Max Reinsch - Lead Guitar/Keyboards
Nevil Kiddier - Bass
Paul Reynolds - Drums

Creole Records 1982

1. Danger Games
2. Keep On Loving You


Shake (Invasion Of The Gamma Men Single)

Shake were a short lived four piece from Scotland that formed after the disbanding of the Rezillos, in 1978. The line-up consisted of, Troy Tate, (Guitar/Dialogue) ex Index, future Teardrop Explodes, together with former Rezillos: Jo Callis, (Vocals/Guitar) Simon Templar, (Bass/Vocals) and Angle Paterson,(Drums). Shake released a 10” ep titled “Culture Shock”, and this single before calling it quits.

Sire Records 1980

1. Invasion Of The Gamma Men
2. Night By Night


The Civilians (In America Single)

The Civilians, were a London four piece, who I believe formed sometime around 1979, and disbanded shortly after this, (their second single) was released in 1980. Their first single was released on the Arista Label in 1979, and was titled “Made For Television”, bw “ I See My Friends”.

Band Members:

Trevor Herion – Vocals
Mark Scholfield – Guitar
Michael French – Bass
Paul Simon - Drums

Secret Records 1980

1. In America
2. In Seach Of Pleasure


Snips (9 O'Clock Single)

I’m not really sure about my facts on this one; so if anyone wants to correct me, have at it. Snips a.k.a Steve Parsons grew up in Bridlington, Yorkshire. He was lead singer for a number of bands including:The Baker Gurvitz Army, and Sharks. He released a pair of LPs: "Video King" and "La Rocca!" in the late 70’s, early 80’s. This single was taken from “La Rocca”; the LP was supported by the likes of Bill Nelson, Chris Spedding, and Midge Ure.

Band Members Were:

Steve Parsons - Vocals
Mick Dyche - Lead Guitar
John Bentley – Guitar
Jackie Badger - Bass
Graham Deakin - Drums

Lark Records 1979

1. 9 O’Clock
2. What’s Your Number


Friday, October 28, 2011

Dot Dash (Spark > Flame > Ember > Ash)

I started this blog to share mostly old records, not to review new material; so please don't view this as a green light to bombard me with emails, asking me to review your bands release. It's nothing personal, I'm sure your band is great, and I'm honored you think enough of this site to ask; but it's just not a direction I wish this site to head in. With that said, I have a couple of newer records that I promised to review; and then after that I think I'm going to stick to, for the most part, pre 1990's, unless it's something that really strikes me.

I noticed the great Wilfully Obscure blog, articulately reviewed this the other day; which makes this post a bit redundant, but I like the disc, Dot Dash seem like nice guys, and I already said I would review it, so here it goes.

Dot Dash are a Washington D.C. four piece who's influences are bands like: The Jam, Joy Division, and The Byrds. Musically one might expect this, to have a Wire influence; but other than its clean minimalist production, and upfront vocals, similarities pretty much end there . To my ears, this disc has a moody Indy feel to it; with a hint of British Pop Sense sprinkled in. Singer/Guitarist, Terry Banks, formerly of bands such as: Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst, Glo-Worm, and St. Christopher, reminds me at times of Robert Smith, from The Cure. Other members include: Hunter Bennett - Bass, also from Julie Ocean, Bill Crandall - Guitar, from Modest Proposal, and Danny Ingram - Drums, previously of bands such as: Swervedriver, Strange Boutique, and Youth Brigade, who (in my opinion) released one of the most brutal, blistering Hardcore/Punk records ever. Overall this is a solid debut effort, with some nice Guitar work. Spark > Flame > Ember > Ash, offers some well crafted Pop melodies; along with a few darker tracks to keep things interesting. I picked three songs for preview; if you like what you hear, you can pick the disc up from the Canadian Label, Beautiful Music. It's also available for download from Itunes, and they Have a Facebook page. If you would like to check out Dot Dash live; their next outing will be at The Black Cat, along with The Chameleons, Nov. 28th in DC.


Monday, October 24, 2011

The Razz (Air Time)

The Razz were a five piece from Washington, DC. I'm not exactly sure when they formed but I'm guessing it was around 1977, and were around till 1979. I think this was their second, (officially released) single; it came out on their own O'Rourke Records label, in conjunction with Limp Records. Members went on to play in bands such as Nightman, and The Howling Mad.

Band Members (on this record) were:

Michael Reidy - Vocals
Ted Niceley - Bass
Bill Craig - Guitar
Tommy Keene - Guitar/Vocals
Doug Tull - Drums

O' Rourke Records / Limp Records 1979


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pistol Whip (Heart Throb Single)

This was the lone single from Erie, Pennsylvania's Pistol Whip. I found This Page That offers some info, as well as band pictures. I found the page a little confusing; as far as when the band formed, ended, and line-ups. The picture sleeve is blank on the back, so it yields nothing.There's a retrospective disc titled "Terminal"; that includes this single as well as some unreleased Demos you can pick up Here for $14.99.

Endangered Species Records 1977

1. Heart Throb
2. Untouchables


Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Modulators (She's So Cynical Single Plus LP Bonus Tracks)

Yesterday I got a chance to see one of my favorite NJ 80's Powerpop bands. They played a handful of their classics in celebration of the re-release of their "Tomorrows Coming LP", at Vintage Vinyl, a long time record store in Fords NJ. I posted both their LP, and this single when I started this blog a few years back. Since the LP is back in print, and I was never really happy with quality of those early post's; I decided to take both post's down; and replace them with this post of their classic single, and a few bonus Lp tracks; this isn't from the new disc' I re-recorded them myself. If you would like to purchase the LP, you can pick one up through Kool Kats Musik, or through Amazon, for 12.00. I don't usually add Utube footage to my post's but I wanted you to see that after all these years, these guys definitely still have it. This was shot yesterday at the in store appearance that I attended; I would like to thank Mark for the great footage. If you like what you hear, The Modulators are part of The International Pop Overthrow Festival, go check them out.

The Modulators were a NJ three piece (now a Four piece) who played around the NJ, NY area quite a bit in the early 80's, especially The Dirt Club in Bloomfield NJ. In all they released two singles, this being the second, an LP called Tomorrow's Coming, and they had a cut on The Dirt Club Comp, Vol, 1. Both this single as well as the LP were on Vintage Vinyl Records. Joe Riccardello, who originally played Bass, and split Vocal duties, used to work in the original Irvington store. I got to meet him yesterday, and he was a very nice guy. He now handles the guitar rhythm section in their new four piece line up. If you would like to read more on the band, I found THIS cool page.

Band members (on this single were)

Joe Riccardello - Bass, Vocals
Mark Higgins - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Westlake - Drums

Vintage Vinyl Records 1982

1. She's So Cynical
2. Dream Girls


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Human Switchboard

A few Years back, I posted The second single from Cleveland Ohio's, The Human Switchboard. I've been wanting to post their other records for some time; so rather than put up the records individually, I decided to pull together my favorite tracks as sort of a best of comp (at least from my perspective). Contained within, are my favorite tracks from the first three singles, as well as a few choice cuts from the LP. If you want to research the band, here's a Wikipedia Page.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stepford Husbands (Why Aren't You There? Single)

My favorite holiday, "Halloween", is right around the corner; and although this isn't really Halloween related, it's got a great creepy primitive sound, that gets me in the mood. The Stepford Husbands (at least on this record) were a duo comprised of Dave Amels, and Gary Thomas; Cryptovision Record's label boss Mike Linn, filled in on Drums. They formed in N.Y.C., sometime in the early eighties, and released: five singles, (this being the first) and a full length. There's more to The Stepford Husbands story; if you'd like to learn more, Here's A Great Page To Check Out.

Cryptovision Records 1984

1. Why Aren't You There?
2. Yeah