Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here's a Christmas present for you. There's really no rhyme or reason to this, other than I was looking through my records and theses songs happen to jump out at me. I hope you and your families have a great holiday season.
1. The Jets--Paper Girl
2. The Headboys--The Shape of things to come
3. The Toasters--Teenage Tease
4. The Crowd-- Living in Madrid
5. The Metros--In With The Crowd
6. Sincere Americans--Contact
7. Elton Motello--Victim of Time
8. 999--Lets Face It
9. Fast Cars--Cry
10. The Acceclerators--Radio Blues
11. Squad--Flasher
12. Scream--Screaming
13. Buzz and The Gang--Hearts Waiting
14. The Reaction--Talk Talk Talk Talk
15. Blondie--Picture this
16. Flys--Fortunes
17. Close Lobsters--Let's make some plans
18. The Knack--That's what the little girls do
19. Utopia--I Just Want to Touch You
20. Posies--Under Easy
21. 3--Swan Street
22. Hot Dates--The heart of You
23. The Rattlers--I Wont be Your Victim
24. The A's--Words
25. The Outlets--Not too Late
26. Post Raisin Band- Pink Lincoln
27. K-tels--I hate music
Merry Christmas