Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dead Wretched ( No Hope For Anyone Ep + Convicted)

Per Request, (New Rips And Scans) originally posted 8/08/08; since it took me so long to repost this I'm including their second record as well.
Dead Wretched were a foursome from the West Midlands. They released an Ep and a single; both included here. If you'd like to read more about the band; Here's Their MySpace, Enjoy!!

Line Up-

Bill Idiot - Vocals
Mik Doyle - Bass
Bazz Harding - Guitar
Dirty Des - Drums

Tempest Records 1982

1. No Hope For The Wretched
2. Time To Die
3. No Justice
4. Recession

Tempest Records 1982

2. Infiltrator

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Epicycle (School Girls / Residential Area Single)

   Epicycle were a Chicago area four piece that originally formed in 1979 and were only around a year or so. During that span they released two Ep's, this single, and a full length all on the Cirkle Records Label which was founded by front man Andrew (Ellis Clark). The band reformed around 1998 with new members; they released three full lengths before calling it quits again in 2008. Even though the sleeve suggests Residential Area is the A side of the single, the vinyl and label have it as the B side, so that's what I went with.
   On a side note I have a new tube preamp and I've been experimenting with Audacity; trying out some new editing techniques. I recently realized my recordings have allot of clipping. Even though the overall volume of this recording may be slightly lower than my usual recordings; I think it's better quality. If it's not too much trouble; I would like to know what you think?

Line Up -

Terry Turner - Guitars, Vocals
Andrew Clark - Guitars, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Keith Stenberg - Drums, Vocals
Robert Conte - Bass, Vocals

Cirkle Records - 1979

1. School Girls
2. Residential Area

♫♫♫...And Sunday Barbecue...♫♫♫