Monday, May 28, 2012

Riff Doctors (I Don't Wan't To Go Back Single)

(Here's another re-post per request; new recordings, and scans)

   Riff Doctors were a short lived four piece from (I believe) the Hoboken NJ area. I found a track on one of the Teenline comps that suggests they were from Durham, NC,? Anyway, I'm pretty sure this was their only record; it was put out on Steve Fallon’s Coyote records label, who formerly owned Maxwell’s, a great club in Hoboken. After this, Donna Esposito, (formerly of The Cyclones) joined the band, and they changed their name to “Cowboy, and Spin Girl”. There's a cassette only release you can hear over at the great Wilfully Obscure Blog. As usual, information is very limited; so if I have something wrong, or there’s something you would like to add, please feel free.

Line up:

Frank Bednash – Vocals, Guitars
Charles O’Hara – Guitar
Walter Sczesny – Bass, Vocals
Danny Lawrence – Drums

Coyote Records 1983

1. I Don’t Wan’t To Go
2. Falling

***Riff Doctors***

Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Animals ("Nashville Babylon" & "Lost Weekend")

By request, here’s another re-post from a couple of years ago. Instead of reposting both records separately; I decided to re-record, and combine (what i consider to be the highlights) from them into one.
  The White Animals were from Nashville, Tennessee. During a span of seven years between 1980, and 1987, they released four LP’s, an EP, a Live LP, and at least a single, or two. If you would like to read more about the White Animals, here’s a bio at Allmusic, and their Myspace.


William Collins – Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Gray – Rhythm Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Stevie Boyd – Bass, Vocals
Ray Crabtree – Drums

(On Lost Weekend)

Rich Parks – Lead Guitar
Tim Coats – “Dubmaster”

Dread Beat Records 1981, and 1982

Sorry I haven't been very active lately

Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I've been pretty busy, and all of this storage site crap has kind of robbed me of my enthusiasm. I just started working on something pretty cool for ya; but in the meantime, by request, I re-posted:

The Psyclone Rangers Swing, Baby Swing Single
The Sighs First Single, With First E.P, And A Couple Of LP Tracks
A Few Highlights From The Jimbob And The Leisure Suits LP
Protagonists EP

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