Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Aircuts (Radioactivity Single)

Here's a great 2 sider from a Vancouver, Canada three piece, called The Aircuts. I couldn't find much info about the band, but what I did find suggests they formed in 1980, and this DIY effort was their only record. Radioactivity is a great Punk tune with funny lyrics; while the flip is catchy Powerpop with a bit of a 50's edge. The singer, has a British accent which I'm not sure is real or not.

Line Up -

Steve Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
John Bertorelli - Vocals, Bass
John Nicholson - Drums

♫♫♫...The People Should Be Told...♫♫♫

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Decadents (Legends)

Here's a fairly rare and great single from the Los Angeles CA, area four piece, The Decadents. Hideaway Girl is top notch, 60's influenced Powerpop; while Runaway Train is a great hard driving Punk tune. After a lengthy internet search that basically came up empty; here's the few pieces of info I was able to find. Most mentions have the band hailing from Covina, CA. Being that Covina is pretty close to Los Angeles, that may or not be true? There appears to be two sleeve variations of this single, each with a different band photo on the front; (I'm not sure which one is more rare?). And last, they released an Lp in 1983 titled "Subliminal Hokum". unfortunately, that's all I got. As per usual, if anyone has any info to share, please feel free.

Line Up-

Spike Karigan - Guitars and Vocals
James McCown - Bass and Vocals
Jim James - Drums
Florian Gray - Lead Vocals

Roccoco Records 1981

1. Hideaway Girl
2. Runaway Train

♫♫♫...Close Your Eyes...♫♫♫

The Bings (Please Please Please Single)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 12/05/10, enjoy!
Here's a great single from Southern California's The Bings. They Formed in 1980, and were around till 1982.I think this may have been their only single, but I'm not sure. I don't believe it ever had a picture sleeve, at least I've never seen one. I read the Bings released a CD last year titled THE BINGS '81 LIVE, but I couldn't find anyplace I could buy one.

Line Up-

David Chrenko - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Randle - Bass
Don Salmen - Guitar
Paul Chaffee Drums

Babymoon Records 1981

1. "Please Please Please"
2. "Oh, No !"

♫♫♫...Here I Sit Alone...♫♫♫

Swingers Resort (Rockets And Rose Single)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 8/08/11, enjoy!
Swingers Resort were a three piece from Boston. I couldn't find allot of info on the band; but I'm going to take a guess they formed around 1980, and were around for at least a few years. I'm not sure; but this may have been their only single. I have however seen a more plain looking sleeve variation, (maybe a earlier press?). At some point original Bassist, B.C. Kagan left the band to pursue a Photography career; and was replaced by Mark Normand. After Swingers Resort; Drummer Tom Bull went on to play with The Outlets, and others.

Line Up-

Tim Hayes - ( Guitar, and vocals)
Tom Bull - (Drums)
B.C. Kagan - (Bass)

Swinging Singles Records 1981

1. Rockets & Rose
2. Movies

♫♫♫...Here's Lookin' At You...♫♫♫

TV Toy (Weekend E.P.)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 8/03/11, enjoy!
Here's the second single from Dover New Jersey's TV Toy. They formed in the mid 70's; and lasted till sometime around 1984.

Line Up -

Rob Barth, (Vocals, Guitar, and Sax)
Dreux Bassoul, (Bass)
David Goessling, (Guitars, and Vocals)
Steve Peer, (Drums)

Permanent Records 1980

1.(Don't Blame It On The) Weekend
2. Young Men
3. String

♫♫♫...Take The Pain...♫♫♫

The Bounce (So Excited Single)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 10/28/10, enjoy!
Here's a cool little powerpop record with great female vocals. "UPDATE" I was recently contacted by Larry Lachmann, who was the Guitar player for the Bounce. He was kind enough to provide me with his recollection of the band, thanks Larry!!!
The keyboard player, Matty Hahn and the drummer Dave Hall were in a band called the Bees. David Johanssen recruited their bassist and guitarist for his band. I met Dave Hall at a club called Hurrah in NYC seeing a punk band "999". Dave and Matty were auditioning guitarists along with Barbara Homeyer on vocals, who was then Matty's girlfriend. (later they married). I got the job when I showed them a song I was working on. We played in Manhattan at Max's Kansas City, Great Gildersleeves, Hurrah and a few others whose names I don't remember. We played at a lot of places in jersey,as everyone but me was from there. Dave Hall acted as our booking agent from his office at JEM Records, which was an import record distributor. We played The Dirt Club often, The Meadowbrook, which was enormous and we actually managed to fill it up! Again there were many other clubs whose names I have forgotten! We played out fairly regularly for 4 years, opening for bigger acts also such as Squeeze and Billy Idol.
We put out the "So Excited" EP early on with the original lineup. Later we had a 12" EP "Things That Go Bounce In The Night" with our new bass player (Barbaras brother) and a rhythm guitarist was added.Band members were; Matty Hahn, (keys, vocals) Barbara Homever, (lead vocals) Steven Anthony, (Bass) Dave Hall, (drums) and Larry Lachmann (guitars).

Rebound Records 1980

1. So Excited
2. Mama Says
3. Jenny's Doin' Fine
4. TV Monster

♫♫♫...I Get So Excited...♫♫♫

The Blases (All Night Long Single + Bonus LP Tracks)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 11/02/11, enjoy!
  The Blases were a New Jersey four piece that formed in 1979.They became a very popular live band; playing many of the NJ bars and clubs, as well as receiving allot of college radio airplay during the ‘80s through the ‘90s. Videos for the songs "You Don't Know Me", and "Time Walks Away", both were aired on MTV. A video for All Night Long appeared in a film titled "Rockin' Brunswick"; a movie that focused on the thriving ‘80s music scene. Sadly Bassist Paul "Rock" Verdon, who played on this, the bands first single died in a train accident, in 1985. An LP Titled "The Blases" was released in 1989, on the Permanent Rave Record Label. I included a few tracks from it with the post. I'm really not sure if The Blases released anything else. I found This webpage, that links up to their videos.

Line Up:

Rob Wagner - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Bill Donohue - Keyboards and Vocals
Paul Verdon - Bass
George Decker - Drums

THB Records 1983?

1. All Night Long
2. Me And You