Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Decadents (Legends)

Here's a fairly rare and great single from the Los Angeles CA, area four piece, The Decadents. Hideaway Girl is top notch, 60's influenced Powerpop; while Runaway Train is a great hard driving Punk tune. After a lengthy internet search that basically came up empty; here's the few pieces of info I was able to find. Most mentions have the band hailing from Covina, CA. Being that Covina is pretty close to Los Angeles, that may or not be true? There appears to be two sleeve variations of this single, each with a different band photo on the front; (I'm not sure which one is more rare?). And last, they released an Lp in 1983 titled "Subliminal Hokum". unfortunately, that's all I got. As per usual, if anyone has any info to share, please feel free.

Line Up-

Spike Karigan - Guitars and Vocals
James McCown - Bass and Vocals
Jim James - Drums
Florian Gray - Lead Vocals

Roccoco Records 1981

1. Hideaway Girl
2. Runaway Train

♫♫♫...Close Your Eyes...♫♫♫


Woody said...

A fantastic single. Thank you very much.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Woody, glad you like the record, thanks for the comment

Spike said...

This Spike, thanks for your intake and input on this old train that I as on in the 80's. Brings back a lot of memories. Did not know anyone knew of it.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Spike; thanks for the comment and a great record!