Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Bings (Please Please Please Single)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 12/05/10, enjoy!
Here's a great single from Southern California's The Bings. They Formed in 1980, and were around till 1982.I think this may have been their only single, but I'm not sure. I don't believe it ever had a picture sleeve, at least I've never seen one. I read the Bings released a CD last year titled THE BINGS '81 LIVE, but I couldn't find anyplace I could buy one.

Line Up-

David Chrenko - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Randle - Bass
Don Salmen - Guitar
Paul Chaffee Drums

Babymoon Records 1981

1. "Please Please Please"
2. "Oh, No !"

♫♫♫...Here I Sit Alone...♫♫♫


Roetoes said...

Impressive collection you have, mr Miller. Thank you for your blog.

Frank Miller said...

Thank You

Dave from The Bings said...

Hey, thanks for posting our single, Please Please Please. If you go to TheBingsTV (The Bings TV) on YouTube, we've posted some of our recordings and a few things by us and other early '80s Hollywood/LA bands (like RF7 and The Exits)on KROQ. Frank, drop me a line at TheBingsTV and we'll see about burning you a copy of the Live '81 CD.

Marta said...

Really fantastic!!! A great power pop!! Thank youuuu

Frank Miller said...

thanks Marta, glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

The Bings Live - December 1981