Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ric Tangle and The Squares (Me Too Ep)

   Ric Tangle And The Squares were a Houston, Texas four piece. They released this Ep, Me Too was also on the Houston Home Cookin' Comp, a track, "All Through The Night" on the Best Of Home Tapes Comp and three cuts, "The Girl In Trouble", "Blonde In The Corner" and "Let's Take My Car To The Beach" on the Third Coast Underground Comp, I couldn't find anything else about them.

Line Up -

Rick Poss - Vocals, Guitar
Bob Bridges - Bass
Ladd Dennisson - Drums
Randy Holsapple - Keyboards

Square Records 1982

1. Me Too
2. Let's Dance!
3. Surfer Cut
4. Let's Take My Car To The Beach

Monday, January 20, 2020

Gordie Uranus And The Universe (Fear Of The Night Single)

   Gordie Uranus and The Universe were a short lived band from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, that were around in 1979. I couldn't find much on them but this appears to have been their only release. Sorry my sleeve pic isn't the greatest; my scanner had trouble with the one sided, reflective sleeve so I took the picture with my phone. I found a bunch of names listed as being members but as to the accuracy or who played what I can't say. I'll list them below; if anyone could help fill in the blanks, it would be most appreciated.

Line Up?

Gordie Innes -
Andrew Dixon -
Rick Villeneuve -
Brian Magner -
Sandy Smith -
Steve Peacock -
Bob Webber -
Barry Wanless -

Seed Records - 1979

1. Fear of the Night
2.It's Only Urgent

♫♫♫...Givin' Me The Chill...♫♫♫

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Beathoven (Do You Remember The Time Single)

   Beathoven were a four piece from Hobart, Tasmania, that formed in 1975. They released this and another single in 1978 titled "Shy Girl" on EMI Records. The band was eventually dropped from the label and were forced to change their name to The Innocents. In 1980 they were picked up by RCA and released two more singles: "Sooner or Later" and "Come Tonight" before disbanding in 1981.

Line Up -

David Minchin - Guitar, Vocals
Charles Touber - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Cracknell - Bass, Vocals
Brent Jeffrey - Drums

Candle Records 1976

1. Do You Remember The Time
2. Darlin'

♫♫♫...Why Don't You Talk To Me...♫♫♫

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Pinpoint (Richmond Single)

   Pinpoint were a London three piece, formed in 1979 by Arturo Bassick, of The Lurkers. In all, they released three singles, (this being their first) and a full length; before disbanding in 1980.

Line Up-

Arturo Bassick - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Allen - Bass, Vocals
Hugh Griffiths - Drums

Albion Records 1979

1. Richmond
2. Love Substitute

♫♫♫...So If You Think You're Groovy Enough...♫♫♫