Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Great Invisibles EP

The Great Invisibles appear to have been a five piece from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. For me, "Walk Home" is the stand out track here; It's a great slice of driving Pop Punk with a Farfisa, Arp 2600, Synth. The record looks to have been self released and unfortunately the net yields little else about the band. I did find a page for Arvid Smith, you can check out below.

Line Up -

Robin Poore - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Arvid Smith - Guitar, Ring Modulator
David Gall - Farfisa, Arp 2600, Backing Vocals
Bobby Grimes - Bass
Brian Cook - Drums

Invisible Music 1982

1. Private Collection
2. Walk Home
3. Unsung Heroes

♫♫♫...If You Wanna Go...♫♫♫

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Kids (Pop "N" Roll With The Kids)

Here's one of about half of a dozen bands (that I can think of anyway) that called themselves The Kids. These Kids appear to have been a four piece from San Antonio, Texas. This classic, self released, (I'm assuming) 10" slab of Powerpop euphoria; as far as I know, is their only release. I found a couple of mentions online that place this as being released in 1985; but I'm not sure because there's no date on the record.

Line Up -

Chris Curry - Guitar, Vocals
Ed Holmgreen - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Orbelo - Bass
Billy Carey - Drums

Self Released 1985 ?

1. California Girls
2. Writing This Letter
3. There Goes My Heart
4. Hey Little Girl

♫♫♫...You Better Stop...♫♫♫