Saturday, May 25, 2013

Johnny Darke (I'm Not A Believer Single)

Here's another record I couldn't find anything about. I found mention of a Gangster named John Darke. I'm guessing that's possibly where this guy took his name from. Ok here's a major stretch... I'm sure I'm completely wrong on this, but I figured since I couldn't find anything I would have a little fun and let you all beat me up a bit. The credit on both songs go to a J Mellor.....Wasn't Joe Strummer's real name John Mellor??? I listened to this 10 times and honestly, I don't think it sounds like him but if you look at the guy's's possible. I included a picture of Joe, so you can judge for yourself....What do you think?? Oh yeah sorry about the sound, my copy has some surface noise in the beginning of each song; funny thing is the record looks almost perfect.

Carrere Records 1979
1. I'm Not A Believer
2. What She Knows

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bobalouis (First and Second Singles)

Hope all of you are doing well, it's been a while. Sorry the blog hasn't been very active lately; it seems as though I'm apologizing for long absences every time I post something new these days. Unfortunately I just don't have much time anymore and I figure an occasional post is better than quitting all together. Anyway, moving on to the real reason your reading this drivel.....Music Right!
Here's the First and Second singles from Bobalouis; both records are catchy, infectious, Powerpop gems. They seem to have been a UK four piece from Hersham, and I don't believe they released any other records. I couldn't find anything else on them, so if anyone's interested in filling in the blanks, as always it would be most appreciated...Enjoy!

Wea Records 1980

1. Go Ahead
2. Please Please Me

♫♫♫...Life's Not An Easy Ride...♫♫♫

Wea Records 1981

1. Not A Second Chance
2. City Boys

♫♫♫...Don't Ever Say Your Sorry...♫♫♫