Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Offbeats ("In Rhythm Off Beat")

The Offbeats were a four piece from Medway, England that were around from 1983 to 87. " In Rhythm Off Beat", was the bands only full length and appears to have been self released. It's a full on 60's British Invasion assault that leans heavily towards The Beatles, Kinks, Etc; but at times has a darker Zombies edge as well. I read there was a second LP that was never finished or released, what a shame. My copy is a promotional copy with a bio sheet and a concert announcement sheet I included with the download. Glenn Prangnell, (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) went on to form The Kravin' A's and now resides with an outfit called Groovy Uncle. Here's a Web Site, if you want to check them out.

Line Up -

Glenn Prangnell - Rhythm Guitar And Vocals
Martin Adams - Lead Guitar And Vocals
Pete Jordan - Bass
Ian Harris - Drums

Offbeat Records 1984

♫♫♫.How Could I Say That.♫♫♫

Blue Peter (Best Of First Three LP's)

Per request, a re-up originally posted 11/20/10, new rips and scans
 Blue Peter were a four piece from Toronto Canada, that were around from 1978 to 1985. In All they released four full length's, two singles, and an E.P. titled Version. Included here, are my favorite tracks from their first three LP's. It's cool to hear the transition from a Pop/Punk outfit, to more of a main stream sounding, New Wave band, while maintaining a knack for writing excellent songs. That's something only a handful of bands were able to accomplish. Linked above is a very well done site with all of the information you could want on Blue Peter, as well as reissues of their LP's, Links, and other Releases.

Line Up's -

Paul Humphrey - Vocals And Keyboards
Geoff McOuat - Bass (Test Patterns For Living and Radio Silence)
Rick Joudrey - Bass (Up To You)
Chris Wardman - Guitar
Ron Tomlinson - Drums (Test Patterns For Living)
Mike Bambrick - Drums (Radio Silence)

Ready Records 1979,1980,1982

♫♫♫. I'm Just Here For The Ride.♫♫♫

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Next (Make It Quick EP)

(Per request, a re-up originally posted 3/15/11, New rips and scans)
The Next were a four piece from Austin Texas. They released two records, this EP and a second titled, "Kick Ass" with a different lineup. They also had a couple of tracks on the "Live at Raul´s Comp".

Line Up -

Ty Gavin - Vocals
Skip Seven - Guitar
Lee Shupe - Bass
Arthur Hays - Drums
Sharp Records 1979

1. Monotony
2. Cheap Rewards
3. Mr. Wonderful

♫♫♫.Destroy Them.♫♫♫

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Revolver (Some Other Guy Single)

   If you've followed this blog for any period of time, you may have figured out by now that I have a soft spot for Beatlesque, or 60's British Invasion sounding Bands. Here's another record in that vein to add to the list. I couldn't find any info at all on these guys, which is funny since there's a quote on the back of the sleeve calling Revolver, "The Biggest, Hottest, Property in the history of American show business". I found one band with the same name, from the same period out of Cleveland and a more recent one out of California; neither of which appear associated with these guys. At any rate what we have here is a solid two sider, consisting of two covers that were part of The Beatles  live repertoire around 1962-63. Some other Guy was originally written and released as a single by Richie Barrett in 1962 and I'm gonna sit right down and cry over you was written in 1953 by Joe Thomas and Howard Biggs. It looks like these guys may have been from Sierra Madre, CA and drummer Rolo Sandoval has been associated with other Beatles tribute acts, but that's all I have.

Line Up -

Mark Estes - Rhythm Guitar
Howard Lea - Lead Guitar
Jim Wootten - Bass
Rolo Sandoval - Drums

Revolver Records 1983

1. Some Other Guy
2. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You

♫♫♫.I'm The Lonely One.♫♫♫

Sunday, November 3, 2013

!! My New Blog !!

  I've been kicking the Idea around of starting a new blog for years. You may be asking yourself why I would start a new blog when I can't even update the one I have on a regular basis. That's a very valid question....... I guess the only answer I can give you is I'm not sure hahaha. I guess the main reason is to post newer music and to give newer bands exposure. I receive requests all the time from current bands asking if I can review their music and I usually shy away feeling like it doesn't fit in with this blog; the new blog will allow me to do it as well as post records from newer bands I'm into. When I started Shotgun Solution, I never meant for it to have a specific format but over the years it just went in that direction. Neoteric Melodies format will be Post 1990 Punk, Powerpop, Pop, Garage, Hardcore etc. Shotgun Solution's format will be Pre 1990 Punk, Powerpop, Pop, Garage, Hardcore etc. Eventually, I plan on transferring all of the post 1990's post's over to the new site. For now on, any request's having to do with any music post 1990; please direct them to the new blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think, I think it turned out pretty cool.


Vox Pop (Just Like Your Mom Single)

(By request, a re-up originally posted 2/7/2010, new rips and scans)
  Vox Pop was a Los Angeles band formed by Jeff Dahl around 1979. Other Members of the band were Don Bolles (drums) from The Germs and 45 Grave, Mary Simms (aka Dinah Cancer),from 45 Grave, Michael Ochoa(from Nervous Gender), Paul Cutler (originally from the Consumers) also from 45 Grave (and eventually the Dream Syndicate), and Del Hopkins,who drums with the Jeff Dahl Group now, other than that, I couldn't find much info on him. Darby Crash called Vox Pop the worst band he had ever seen(pretty funny huh!). After Vox Pop folded around 81 or so, Jeff Dahl went on to do a short stint with the Angry Samoans as well as forming the L.A. metal outfit Powertrip, He's been involved with many other projects to present day.

Bad Trip Records 1980

Triangle Side - Just Like Your Mom
Square Side - Cab Driver

♫♫♫...I Got No Love For You...♫♫♫

Dred Scott (Believe You All E.P.)

(By request, a re-up originally posted 7/4/2010, new scans and rips
 Dred Scott was a Los Angeles four piece formed in 1979 by Journalist Greg Burk. There's not much info out there on these guys. In all I believe they had two singles, and possibly an LP(but I'm not sure),before they disbanded around 1985. Every time I look at this cover it reminds me of Shemp, from the Three Stooges.

Line Up -

Greg Burk - Vocals
Chris August - Bass And Vocals
Dave Van Huesen - Guitar
Jeff Hands - Drums

Red Spot Records 1979

1. I Believe You All
2. Honest Boy
3. What A World
4. Rocker

♫♫♫...And It's Bleeding Me...♫♫♫