Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vox Pop (Just Like Your Mom Single)

(By request, a re-up originally posted 2/7/2010, new rips and scans)
  Vox Pop was a Los Angeles band formed by Jeff Dahl around 1979. Other Members of the band were Don Bolles (drums) from The Germs and 45 Grave, Mary Simms (aka Dinah Cancer),from 45 Grave, Michael Ochoa(from Nervous Gender), Paul Cutler (originally from the Consumers) also from 45 Grave (and eventually the Dream Syndicate), and Del Hopkins,who drums with the Jeff Dahl Group now, other than that, I couldn't find much info on him. Darby Crash called Vox Pop the worst band he had ever seen(pretty funny huh!). After Vox Pop folded around 81 or so, Jeff Dahl went on to do a short stint with the Angry Samoans as well as forming the L.A. metal outfit Powertrip, He's been involved with many other projects to present day.

Bad Trip Records 1980

Triangle Side - Just Like Your Mom
Square Side - Cab Driver

♫♫♫...I Got No Love For You...♫♫♫


PwrPop78 said...

Great post. I've never seen this posted before. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Great finding this out here - saves me having to digitize my single. A couple of things: I think Don Bolles was in the Germs first, then Vox Pop (IIRC, he came out from Arizona specifically to join the Germs). Also, I have this semi-memory that Vox Pop pre-existed 45 Grave, though that could definitely be wrong. Finally, I'm _pretty_ sure Vox Pop never played at the Masque - before their time).

I saw them live a few times, once at the fabulous Cathay De Grand and another time opening for Throbbing Gristle. They were a lot of fun, clearly a bit of a lark for the members. They had a very heavy sound as I recall - does anybody have a tape? Also, at least once I saw one of the band members (or a friend) take over lead vocals with white-face makeup as "Hellvis". Earliest proto-goth thing I remember seeing. ;)

Frank Miller said...

Hi thanks for the Germs correction,my mistake.I'm pretty sure the bands coexsisted, at least thats what I read, and as far as The Masque is concerned I read they closed their doors for the final time in 1979, so its possible they may have played there, or maybe even the New Masque. However I couldn't confirm it so I changed it.Thanks for the info!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Dahl can do no wrong. It's hard to find originals but he put out two discs called "I Was a Teenage Glam Fag" with all glam rock covers.

Didn't Don Bolles get arrested a while back for having "drugs" that turned out to be that hippie organic soap (Bronners?)? Crazy.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment ,and the info. I'm not sure about the Don Bolles being arrested.It may be true.

Anonymous said...

Vox Pop video can be found on New Wave Theater! Remind me of Mighty Sphincter!

Anonymous said...

can you re-up this please? I just heard it on WFMU and its awesome. thanks.

Frank Miller said...

Re Posted, Enjoy!