Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Phones (I'm So Neat/She Said Goodbye Single)

The Phones were a Minneapolis five piece that formed in 1979. During a span of ten years they released at least three singles, (this being the first) Two Lp's, and an Ep or Two. If you want to know more about The Phones, check out This Site; it has a full bio, as well as a couple of Cd's the band has for sale.


Jeff Cerise - Lead Vocals
Brad Mattson - Drums
Rick Towes - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Brantseg - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Riley - Bass, Vocals

Phone - O - Graph Records 1980

1. I'm So Neat
2. She Said Goodbye

***The Phones***

The Tunes (The Tunes EP)

Here's another re-post from August 22, 2010. this is a new rip of the record with new scans. There's a number of my favorite records that I plan on renewing. But rather than getting too caught up in the past; I've decided (at least for now) to adopt a something old, something new type format, so I'll be posting two records at a time until most of my favorite records have been re-posted.

 The Tunes were a four piece from Topeka Kansas. They formed around 1978, and lasted till 1983. This was self released, and I believe their only record. Members went on to form bands such as The Brats, Sons of Liberty, and Psychic Archie.


Mike Donoho - Guitar and Vocals
Pat Wempe - Bass
Steve Seltz - Organ, Guitar, and Vocals
Mark Woelk - Drums and Vocals

Tunes Tunes 1982

1. Elevator
2. Crowded Heart
3. Too Proud
4. She's Mad

***The Tunes***

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Puppet Rulers (Outta My Mind Single)

Puppet Rulers were a Boston Area three piece that were around in the early eighties. I'm pretty sure this was their only record. As is usually the case, info is limited; but I did find This Youtube Channel run by Dave Cook, that has several unreleased songs. Unfortunately, my copy has a bit of groove noise in the beginning of the Outta My Mind Side; but it still sounds ok. I noticed scratched in the dead wax, of the run off; Complicated Girl seems to be the A track. Everything else seems to indicate the opposite so that's how I went.


Dave Cook - Bass, and Vocals
Mark Amberg - Guitar, and Vocals
Scott Williams - Drums, and Vocals

Permanent Press Records 1981

1. Outta My Mind
2. Complicated Girl

***Puppet Rulers***

Friday, June 8, 2012

Native Tongue (Lies/Baby Single)

  Here's one of at least three bands, (that I know of) that called themselves Native Tongue. I believe this short lived outfit was from southern California. Honestly, the A side of this record doesn't do much for me; but the B side "Baby" saves the disc. It reminds me of a song called Trash, by the 70's UK band called The Doll. Info is scarce on these guys, and the sleeve reveals little, not even the band members. I did however find THIS SITE on Gary Farmer, that at least gives a couple of the band members names. As always, please feel free to fill in the banks.

Zane Goodson - Vocals, Keyboards
Eldin Green - Vocals, Guitar
Bruce ? - Bass
Gary Farmer - Vocals, Drums

37 Records 1984

1. Lies
2. Baby

***Native Tongue***