Friday, June 8, 2012

Native Tongue (Lies/Baby Single)

  Here's one of at least three bands, (that I know of) that called themselves Native Tongue. I believe this short lived outfit was from southern California. Honestly, the A side of this record doesn't do much for me; but the B side "Baby" saves the disc. It reminds me of a song called Trash, by the 70's UK band called The Doll. Info is scarce on these guys, and the sleeve reveals little, not even the band members. I did however find THIS SITE on Gary Farmer, that at least gives a couple of the band members names. As always, please feel free to fill in the banks.

Zane Goodson - Vocals, Keyboards
Eldin Green - Vocals, Guitar
Bruce ? - Bass
Gary Farmer - Vocals, Drums

37 Records 1984

1. Lies
2. Baby

***Native Tongue***

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