Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leo Keling (Atomic War Single)

   Leo Keling was from Austin Texas. The thing about this record is, the A, and B sides have different backing musicians, and it definately sounds it. I don't own it, but Leo recycled Atomic war with a different B side in 1981 under the band name The Roentgens.

Line Ups

Atomic War

Leo Keling - Vocals, Guitar
Fred Smith - Guitar
Ron Rogers - Bass
Dave Moerbe - Drums
Dan Dryden - Organ

Don't Step On My Shoes

Leo Keling - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Murray - Guitar
Eddie Stout - Bass
Butch Jarvis - Drums

Austown Records 1980

1. Atomic War
2. Don't Step On My Shoes

♪♪♪ Atomic War ♪♪♪

Saturday, November 24, 2012

April Dancer (Put Me On The Radio Single)

   Here's another one I couldn't find any info on. All I could find is, they were from N.Y.C, Anyone???

Line Up-

Joe Crocco - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bryant Meltzt - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Curt Spoot - Bass,Vocals
Larry Brown - Drums, Vocals

Teen Beat Records 1980

1. Put Me On The Radio
2. Keep On Dancing

♪♪♪ April Dancer ♪♪♪

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Slang (Pick It Up/ Out Of The Light Single)

Ok, I think I'm finally caught up on all of these request's... It's time to post a few new ones.
  The Slang were a three piece from Ann Arbor Michigan. Other than that, I can't tell you anything else about them......For my taste's the winner here is the flip, enjoy!

Line up -

Chris Belden - Drums
Alex Kydd - Vocals, Guitar
Bill Lang - Bass

Scrap Records Organization 1983

1. Pick It up
2. Out Of the Light

♪♪♪ The Slang ♪♪♪

Happy Hate Me Nots

(per request repost of it won't do any good, 2/15/2009, and your an angel, 6/10/2010, new rips, and scans I added a third single, soul rejection to the post enjoy!)
   The ‘Hate Me Nots were a Sydney, Australia four piece that formed in 1983.The first line up featured Paul Berwick (vocals/gtr), Tim McKay (gtr), Peter Lennon (bass/vocals) and Neil Toddie (drums). This line up played some 20 odd gigs, planting the band’s flag on the map. Neil Toddie then left in 1984.
Mark Nicholson then came in on drums to complete the second line up. In 1986, Mark and Peter Lennon both left. They were replaced by Mick Searson (drums) and Chris Houllemare (bass), to complete the third line up.
The first publicly released recordings appeared on an Aberrant records compilation, NOT SO HUMDRUM, in 1984, recorded by the band’s second line up. This album contained two tracks – When The Chips Are Down and The Build Up.
This line up also recorded two singles, released via the Waterfront Records Label Wont Do Any Good and You’re An Angel (both in 1985).
Between 1986 and 1991 the third line up had a string of releases via the Waterfront Records Label. In total, these included 5 singles - Salt Sour and Brighton, Don’t Move Too Far, Soul Rejection, Something and I Could See It Coming), an album Out, and two mini LPs Scrap and A Place To Live. This info came from their official website . Go check it out !


Line up-

Mark Nicholson - Drums
Peter Lennon - Bass
Paul Berwick - Vocals, Guitar
Tim Mckay - Guitar

Waterfront Records - 1985,85,88

♪♪♪ It Won't Do Any Good ♪♪♪
♪♪♪ You're An Angel ♪♪♪
♪♪♪ Soul Rejection ♪♪♪

The Pencils (Watching The Tears Single)

(per request, repost from 5/10/2009, new rips, and scans)
The Pencils formed from the ashes of a London based powerpop outfit The Jetz, by Dennis Pugsley and Tony Skeggs. They released three great pop singles(I think this was the first) and an unreleased album. After the Pencils, the two formed a sixties tribute band called the Overtures. Go check them out.

Links -
Pencils Official Website
Pencils Myspace
Bored Teenagers
The Overtures Myspace

Line up-

Dennis Pugsley - Vocals, Bass
Tony Skeggs - Vocals, Guitar
Andy Wells - Drums
Rick Birmingham

The Next Time Around Record Company 1982

1. Watching The Tears
2. You Say You

♪♪♪ The Pencils ♪♪♪

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Prime Movers (Matters Of Time)

Here's a request for Matters Of Time from The Prime Movers.
   Formed in Boston by high school chums Dick Tate (guitar, vocals), Cam Ackland (vocals, harmonica), Jeff Sugarman (bass, vocals) and Dennis McCarthy (drums), the Movers were inspired by their musical heroes the Who, the Jam and the Kinks. Adopting a power chord driven, vocal harmony approach, their sound is aggressive power pop with elements of “Mod” soul and 60’s go-go. Go check them out and pick up their newest record, Here's their Myspace.

Throbbing Lobster Records 1984

♪♪♪ Matters Of Time ♪♪♪

The Madd (Are Left Behind)

(per request, repost from 2/26/09, new rip, and scans) In the 60's the CNR label released a series of nine 7 inches of Dutch beat bands called "Beat From Holland". A little more than forty years later, Stardumb Records decided to add a tenth release to that list and here it is: The Madd Are Left Behind. The Madd are a four piece from Rotterdam with two full lengths, and maybe a few singles to their credit. For the most part they do a lot of obscure 60's covers, but they do them well, and obviously have great taste in their selections . I'll leave links for their myspace, and the Interpunk website at the bottom of the post . Go check them out and pick their records up while you still can !!
Links -
Lineup -
Dr. D von Raven - Guitar, and Vocals
Richard Bouquet - Bass, and Vocals
De Schuinsmarcheerder - Organ
Slammin' Marty Graveyard - Drums, and Vocals

The Distractions (Your Not Going Out Dressed Like That)

(per request, repost's from 3/12, and 8/12 of 2009, new rips, and scans)
   I've had a number of request's for these two records. So I figured while I was at it, I may as well add the awesome "Time Goes By So Slow Single", I wanted to post it some day anyway. Rather than lump the three records together I decided to make them separate downloads, Enjoy!!
   The Distractions were from Manchester England. Originally a four piece, in 1975 the line up was college friends Mike Finney(vocals) and Steve Perrin (guitar), along with Lawrence Tickle(bass) and Tony Trap(drums). Towards the end of 1977 the band became a five piece. Bass duties were taken over by Pip Nicholls, and Guitar by Adrian Write, along with the addition Alec Sidebottom on drums who had previously played with the Purple Gang in the 60s.
In all The Distractions released  an LP titled "Nobody's Perfect", an Ep or two, and a hand full of singles before calling it quits in 1981. The band recently reunited, and released an Ep titled "Come Home" in 2010, and a new full length in 2012 titled "The End Of The Pier". You can check out their official website linked below for more info, news, and merchandise .

Official Website

♪♪♪ "You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That" ♪♪♪
♪♪♪ It Doesn't Bother Me ♪♪♪
♪♪♪ Time Goes By So Slow ♪♪♪

The Chills (Wet Blanket Single)

(per request, repost, new rips, and scans)
   The Chills are a four piece from Dunedin New Zealand, based around Singer-Songwriter Martin Phillipps. Unbelievably, the band's been through something like 20 different line-up changes over the years, but appear to still be plugging away. If you want to read about the Chills here's a couple of link's.
Official Site

Lineup -

Martin Phillipps - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Justin Harwood - Bass, Vocals
Andrew Todd - Keyboards
Caroline Easther - Drums, Vocals

Flying Nun Records 1988

1. Wet Blanket
2. I Think I'd Thought I'd Nothing Else To Think About

♪♪♪ Wet Blanket ♪♪♪

Marbles (Red Light Single)

(per request, repost from 8/21/2011)
   The Marbles were a N.Y.C four piece; that formed in 1974 by brothers: Howard, (Guitars, and Vocals) and David Bowler, (Drums); Jim Clifford, (Bass) and the late Eric Li, (Keyboards) rounded out the Lineup. This was their first of two singles before they ended the band in 1979. I believe this was the third release on the late Terry Ork's, short lived Ork Records Label. The Marbles also appeared in Amos Poe's 1976 film, "Blank Generation". There were several tracks recorded for a CBGB'S comp that went unreleased. There's more to the Marbles story; if you would like to check them out, The Mod Pop Punk Archives, has a Pix's and Bio page you can find HERE. Unfortunately, my copy has some weird pressing flaw. Although the vinyl looks mint, there's a ton of groove noise.

Ork Records 1976

1. Red Lights
2. Fire and Smoke

♪♪♪ (He's Got) Red Lights In His Eyes ♪♪♪

The Badbeats (Tip Of My Tongue)

(per request, repost from 12/11/2008, new rips)
   The Badbeats  were  a New York power pop group formed in 1976 by Bill Kern, and Barry Knoedl. They began recording songs that were written but never released by The Beatles. John Sheridan was invited to play Drums, and this their first single was released in 1979; It contains two of the most obscure songs from the Lennon/McCartney catalog. The Band was a bit of a mystery, none of the band members names appeared on the record, or the picture sleeve; even the picture on the sleeve obscured their faces. Ray Knoedl, Barry's older brother was included in the picture even though he does not play on the record. If you would like to read more about the band you can check the out Here. Believe it or not you can still buy this record; it's available for the small sum of 10.00, pick one up Here. I bought one yesterday to replace my old tired copy. They also have a number of other vinyl, and Cd releases for sale.

Naked Raygun (Treason Ep)

(per request, repost from 3/12/2009, new rips)
   It's really hard to pick my favorite Naked Raygun song, because there are so many . But, this is definitely up there along side of Walk in cold from Jettison, and Vanilla Blue. This was a limited press of 2500 on pink vinyl . Based in Chicago, Naked Raygun were Initially active from 1980 to about 1992, they had several short-lived reunions afterwards and a full-time reformation in 2006.
If you would like to read more about the band, here's a few links for ya.
Official Site
Touch And Go/ Quarterstick Records

Line Up-

Jeff Pezzati - Vocals
John Haggerty - Guitar
Pierre Kezdy - Bass
Eric Spicer - Drums

Caroline Records 1989

1. Treason
2. Mr. Gridlock (Live)
3. I Don't Know (Live)

♪♪♪ Treason ♪♪♪

Vandykes (Breakin My Heart Single + Bonus Track)

 (per request, originally posted 8/15/2011, new rips)                               The Vandykes were a Boston four piece around in the early Eighties. Band members, Frank Dehler, (Bass) was in Unnatural Axe; and Roger Tripp, (Drums) was in La Peste. Sadly, Roger Died from a car accident. Other band members were: Craig Kutner, (Vocals, and Guitar) and Brad Adams, (Guitar). Other than this single, the only other recorded song, (that I'm aware of) was on The Throbbing Lobster Comp "Claws"; which I added for your listening pleasure.

Black Records 1984

1. Breakin My Heart
2. Heaven Will Fall
3. Spring

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patriots - Chicaynes (Split E.P's)

(Per request, originally posted 9/25/11) Here's a split E.P., between two unlikely record mates. The Patriots, were A four piece from Philadelphia; that had a 60's sounding jangly Beatlesque edge. I think this E.P., (known as Pharaoh's Land) was their only official release. The other side is The Chicaynes, a three piece from the UK.There's not much info out there on either of these bands. I can't help but wonder how it was decided to pair these two bands together; not only are they from different countries, but the recordings appear to have been five years apart?

The Patriots were:

Carl Cutts - Guitar, and Vocals
Joseph Borrelli - Bass
John Klein - Guitar, and Vocals
Joseph Klein - Drums

The Chicaynes were:

Malcolm McDonald - Guitar, and Vocals
Alex Robertson - Bass, and Vocals
Malcolm Blair - Drums

Bam Caruso Records 1986

The Agents (Modern Girl Single)

(per request, repost from 6/12/11 new rip) There's at least three, or four bands I can think of off the top of my head that called themselves The Agents. These Agents appear to have been from Wisconsin. Other than this record, they had a track called I Cant Wait To See You on a Milwaukee sampler called State Of The Art Vol 1 that I don't own. Modern Girl is a Powerpop classic that makes this a must. The flip is ok, but it has a 80's glam hairband feel to it that's really not my thing.
Streetwise Epicenter Pub. 1983
1. Modern Girl
2. You Don't Know What Love Is

Filling a few Request's

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Besides being super busy as usual, my computer died, and I lost power for the better part of a week thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I have a ton of requested re-post's to get to, and hopefully (when I get caught up) some new records one of these days as well. I'm going to start from the oldest ones, and work forward. If I forget you, please don't hesitate to ask again.