Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vandykes (Breakin My Heart Single + Bonus Track)

 (per request, originally posted 8/15/2011, new rips)                               The Vandykes were a Boston four piece around in the early Eighties. Band members, Frank Dehler, (Bass) was in Unnatural Axe; and Roger Tripp, (Drums) was in La Peste. Sadly, Roger Died from a car accident. Other band members were: Craig Kutner, (Vocals, and Guitar) and Brad Adams, (Guitar). Other than this single, the only other recorded song, (that I'm aware of) was on The Throbbing Lobster Comp "Claws"; which I added for your listening pleasure.

Black Records 1984

1. Breakin My Heart
2. Heaven Will Fall
3. Spring

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