Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leo Keling (Atomic War Single)

   Leo Keling was from Austin Texas. The thing about this record is, the A, and B sides have different backing musicians, and it definately sounds it. I don't own it, but Leo recycled Atomic war with a different B side in 1981 under the band name The Roentgens.

Line Ups

Atomic War

Leo Keling - Vocals, Guitar
Fred Smith - Guitar
Ron Rogers - Bass
Dave Moerbe - Drums
Dan Dryden - Organ

Don't Step On My Shoes

Leo Keling - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Murray - Guitar
Eddie Stout - Bass
Butch Jarvis - Drums

Austown Records 1980

1. Atomic War
2. Don't Step On My Shoes

♪♪♪ Atomic War ♪♪♪


Mike Hooker said...

Thanks for posting this Frank. Been waiting a long time to hear it.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Mike, glad I could help. Thanks for the comment!

Matt Nauseous said...

Frank, I just finished downloading a year's worth of your posts since the govmt. shutdown...absolutely fantastic stuff. Thanks so much!

Frank Miller said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the comment. I'm glad your enjoying the site!