Sunday, February 9, 2014

Swingers Resort (Rockets And Rose Single)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 8/08/11, enjoy!
Swingers Resort were a three piece from Boston. I couldn't find allot of info on the band; but I'm going to take a guess they formed around 1980, and were around for at least a few years. I'm not sure; but this may have been their only single. I have however seen a more plain looking sleeve variation, (maybe a earlier press?). At some point original Bassist, B.C. Kagan left the band to pursue a Photography career; and was replaced by Mark Normand. After Swingers Resort; Drummer Tom Bull went on to play with The Outlets, and others.

Line Up-

Tim Hayes - ( Guitar, and vocals)
Tom Bull - (Drums)
B.C. Kagan - (Bass)

Swinging Singles Records 1981

1. Rockets & Rose
2. Movies

♫♫♫...Here's Lookin' At You...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Instant classic! So much energy on this record. A brilliant discovery, Frank! Nice sleeve, too.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment; I'm glad you like it.

hpilgrim said...

Strange that you rave over this record. I have only heard bad things about this band the usual bad American soft rock- MOR type thing jazzed up as bad ''New Wave''. I use ''New Wave'' in it's awful early 80's genre, but hey each to their own.

Anonymous said...

In response to hpilgrim... your comment seems to imply that they was a band that tried to jazz themselves up to be something else. Not at all the case here. Boston was bubbling over with bands that were just what they appeared to be and this is the case here. They formed and this is the result. BTW, B.C. was already a photographer of great talent and was extending her involvement with "the scene". Tom and Tim were the real deal.

Mynewkindofkick said...

Great single produced by Willie Loco! Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Remi, thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Tim Hayes went on to become a lawyer somewhere in California..

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info and the comment!