Sunday, February 9, 2014

TV Toy (Weekend E.P.)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 8/03/11, enjoy!
Here's the second single from Dover New Jersey's TV Toy. They formed in the mid 70's; and lasted till sometime around 1984.

Line Up -

Rob Barth, (Vocals, Guitar, and Sax)
Dreux Bassoul, (Bass)
David Goessling, (Guitars, and Vocals)
Steve Peer, (Drums)

Permanent Records 1980

1.(Don't Blame It On The) Weekend
2. Young Men
3. String

♫♫♫...Take The Pain...♫♫♫


roberto said...

Thanks,never known these guys,great record,now i will lookin' for...

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Roberto, it shouldn't be to hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Such great guitar hooks on "Young Men"! Thanks for posting this!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, glad you like it.