Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Blases (All Night Long Single + Bonus LP Tracks)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans, originally posted 11/02/11, enjoy!
  The Blases were a New Jersey four piece that formed in 1979.They became a very popular live band; playing many of the NJ bars and clubs, as well as receiving allot of college radio airplay during the ‘80s through the ‘90s. Videos for the songs "You Don't Know Me", and "Time Walks Away", both were aired on MTV. A video for All Night Long appeared in a film titled "Rockin' Brunswick"; a movie that focused on the thriving ‘80s music scene. Sadly Bassist Paul "Rock" Verdon, who played on this, the bands first single died in a train accident, in 1985. An LP Titled "The Blases" was released in 1989, on the Permanent Rave Record Label. I included a few tracks from it with the post. I'm really not sure if The Blases released anything else. I found This webpage, that links up to their videos.

Line Up:

Rob Wagner - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Bill Donohue - Keyboards and Vocals
Paul Verdon - Bass
George Decker - Drums

THB Records 1983?

1. All Night Long
2. Me And You


spavid said...

This is amazing! Been looking for this for awhile. Thanks so much!

Frank Miller said...

Glad to help ! Thanks for the comment.

Funnelspeak said...

This is brilliant. We recorded All Night Long/Me and You thirty years ago this winter and I still have the Moog we used on Me and You. Now I have a copy of the songs again too!
Billy Donohue

BikerBro said...

Just came across the site - thanks for keeping the old music going. Keep your eyes open for some old Blases 'Live' video from 1986-1987 Just found it in the archives. Should be on You Tube soon.
Thanks again.
George 'Duke' Decker

Woody said...

Thanks a lot. Very good

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Woody, thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

I went to high school with Bill Donohue and followed the band until we parted for college. Still have this single, in the original sleeve, and plays great! Thanks for the memories, -seems like a lifetime ago - oh yeah, it was!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Richard, I appreciate it !